Freshsales vs. Pipedrive—A snapshot

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Data storage


Limits for each plan

Dedicated 24-hour support
Built-in phone
Sales campaigns
Workflow automations
Lead scoring
Website and in-app event tracking

*can only be done by integrating with third-party apps
Note: Data as of 1st February 2018

5 reasons why Freshsales is the best alternative to Pipedrive

Relevant context for smarter decisions

With Pipedrive, salespeople have to depend on third-party integrations to know if their leads are hot, warm or cold. With Freshsales, you get that information through in-built lead scoring technology. The lead gets a “score” out of 100, based on essential parameters (like job title, deal size) and activity-based parameters (like responsiveness to emails). Every lead also has an “Activity Timeline”, a chronological collection of their engagement with your business. This includes pages they’ve visited on your website, and activities they’ve engaged in inside your product. All this context gives salespeople more efficiency and agility when they connect with prospects—a major ask from many Pipedrive users.

More productivity through automation

According to a CSO Insights report, salespeople spend only 35.9% of their time selling. Where does the rest of their time go? In mundane tasks like data entry, setting up meetings and sending emails. At Freshsales we built Intelligent Workflows to help solve this problem. A workflow operates on a trigger, like a lead filling up your signup form. You decide how to respond to this trigger—like welcoming them with an email. What’s special about Workflows is that your sales CRM will send the email out for you. This means every time someone signs up, Freshsales welcomes them on your behalf! Pipedrive doesn’t have in-built workflows; you have to take one more step and set up workflows using integration apps like Zapier.


Sharper insights through advanced reporting

When you’re generating reports you want flexibility. Pipedrive’s standard reports allow for basic data extraction. But if you’re a sales manager looking for data points unique to your business, you want the freedom to dive deep and create new, custom reports. The reporting feature in Freshsales offers this flexibility. Choose from more than 20 out-of-the-box reports to get started. Or create your own reports by applying quick/advanced logic. Once your report is generated, you can export it as a CSV or PDF file.


Better support for your sales

How do you know you’ve picked the right sales CRM for your business? When it gives you everything you need to sell, and jumps right in when you need help. Freshsales offers 24x5 email and phone support across time zones on all plans. On the other hand, Pipedrive offers daytime support in the EU and US time zones only. Also, live phone support is available on Pipedrive’s highest plan only. Plus Freshsales is part of the Freshworks suite of business software, which includes our customer support tool, Freshdesk. You can integrate Freshsales with Freshdesk, bring your sales CRM and customer helpdesk together, and keep your data in one ecosystem. Pipedrive lets you integrate with helpdesks, but these are third-party integrations across companies, servers, and different security protocols.

Performing sales activities with greater focus

Sales reps know that writing a great email or making an impressive call is one half of the job. Picking the right person at the right time is the crucial second half of the game. This is why sales reps expect the CRM to help them execute well-timed sales campaigns. Pipedrive integrates with third-party apps to achieve this. In Freshsales, you can execute not one but two types of sales campaigns right out of the box. Schedule emails, call reminders or follow-up tasks in sequence through Classic Campaigns, or shuffle up these activities depending on recipients’ behavior—through Smart Campaigns.


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