How can hiring make everything right?

It goes without saying, the growth of the company depends on the employees it has. While the right ones enable growth, the wrong ones can cost your company dearly considering the high turnover costs, in addition to affecting the employee morale and the team dynamics. In this guide, we discuss the steps that will help you make the best hire for your organization. 


7 Signs that show it is time to hire employees

While these signs vary from company to company, it is important to be wary of the following signals:

Prerequisites before hiring employees:

Do some homework on the job market

Review job descriptions and postings similar to the one you are hiring for. Get an idea about the responsibilities, compensation and benefits offered, and competitions in the job market. This will help you devise a hiring strategy that is best for the role and the company. You also gain some clarity on what to provide and what to expect from the new hire. 


Consider outsourcing to recruitment agencies

If you are a small business without a dedicated hiring team, it is certainly a great alternative. You can share your requirements with the agency and let them do the initial screening for you.This will reduce the burden on the only HR in your company who has to take care of payroll, benefits, onboarding and other HR tasks. 


Prepare your Job Description

Once you have an idea of the job roles, responsibilities, and requirements, you can prepare your job description. Refer to some Job Descriptions by your competitions to get an idea and mention the traits you are looking for in an employee of your organization


Keep all the paperwork ready for making an offer

Many companies invest in HR software to take care of offer management and employee onboarding. You can create a template that can work with all the employees, create a list of documents you need from your new hires, collect their e-signatures, let them update their details using the Employee Self Service feature and so on. 

How to hire the best employee in your company?

Challenges while hiring employees:

Hiring is indeed a herculean task, which comes with its own set of challenges. Here are some common hiccups that recruiters face when entering the hiring market:

Attracting quality talent
Recruiters receive innumerable resumes as soon as they post it on job boards. However, quantity does not assure quality. Even if you find the best candidate among the lot, they might not be best for the company. This would lead to unsatisfactory results for the company and the new hire.

Competition in the job market
Since it is a candidate driven market, your competition can poach your candidate with a better package, making it difficult for you to retain those quality candidates. Candidates are always on a lookout for better opportunities where their skills are put to better use.

Urgent hiring
With mounting goals and milestones, companies think about hiring only in the eleventh hour. Even if they consider it early on, the hire is made hastily. This leads to compromise on quality. At the same time, the new hire would feel ill-equipped when the onboarding is done hastily.

Inefficient assessment of the candidate
With urgent hiring, candidates are not tested as much efficiently. This could lead to bad hires, ultimately leading to an increase in attrition rate of the company. 

Disagreement amongst the hiring panel on what good looks like.
What looks good to one might not appeal to another. Every member of the hiring team has a bias, which consciously or unconsciously seeps in while hiring. This removes any scope of diversity, which is ultimately detrimental to the company’s growth. 

Poor employer branding
While you are looking for talent, it is important to be everything that the candidate is looking for. When the candidate does not know about the company, its culture, and what it is like to work there, they would certainly not prefer joining the company.