13 exercises that will help you become a better manager

Do you listen to reply? Or, do you listen, understand, and then respond? Listening to reply involves merely replying to the words spoken. However, when you are listening to understand, you understand the intention of the speaker and quickly figure out how to act on it. 

This is what Maggie Leung, VP of content, Nerdwallet, developed during her tenure at a car booking outlet in her college days.
Termed as ‘Dynamic Empathy’, it is about quickly gaining an understanding of how a colleague feels and figuring out how to act on it in a swiftly changing environment. 

First Round review has laid down 13 scenarios where Maggie’s mantra can help you have better conversations in toughest situations and get things done faster. Additionally, it gives you a list of questions that you need to ponder upon before you have those conversations.

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