3 simple HRIS challenges and how Freshteam solves them right away

It’s always surprising to find out how much energy and resources can be saved by setting the simple things right. The following are 3 straightforward HRIS challenges that growing companies can solve with Freshteam in no time. As a result, you’ll have a perfectly secure and organised employee information system to effortlessly use and manage.

#1 Creating an org chart for the organization

Solution: Org charts builder

How Freshteam can help: When you create employee profiles in Freshteam, it automatically generates an org chart or updates your org chart based on the reporting relationships of the employees. It becomes your people’s go-to when they need to find out who’s who or who does what.

You can simply click on people and navigate through the org chart.


#2 Storing and maintaining employee documents and information

Solution: An employee database software

How Freshteam can help: Freshteam enables you to store all employee-related information and documents as profile information and also store all related documents in a document in an exclusive document vault for each employee.

A peek into the Freshteam employee database.

#3 Empowering employees to maintain or update their own information

Solution: Employee self-service

How Freshteam can help: You can empower your employees to fill out their own information through Freshteam. They can each have an account of their own via which they update their information or documents. You can, however, control what information they can see or edit. For instance, you can modify permissions at the field level to ensure that only HR can write or rewrite the compensation information.

You can drag and drop fields to define what information you want to collect on your employee profiles.

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