4 Real timeoff challenges that Freshteam can fix

There is no easier way to manage employee time off. Freshteam offers everything you need in one place and in perfect tandem – time off policies, time off approval workflows, time off reports and every other itsy-bitsy thing you’ll ever need.

The following are four common and real time off challenges that Freshteam solves in minutes.

#1 Implementing a time off approval system

Solution: Time off approval workflows

How Freshteam can help: All time off requests your employees raise will be routed to their respective reporting managers or HR partners. It’ll show up on their time off dashboard, they can then decide to approve or decline it.


#2 Disbursing time off based on tenure

Solution: Tenure based leave allocation policies

How Freshteam can help: While creating time off policies, Freshteam enables you to define rules that disburse leave based on the employee’s tenure with the company.

The example shows how the number of vacation days are gradually increased based on the employee’s experience with the company by defining tenure based rules.


#3 Multiple time off policies to manage time off at different office locations

Solution: Custom time off policies for each location

How Freshteam can help: Freshteam enables you to create multiple time off policies – one for each location. For example, each of your geographical locations can have different holiday calendars, work weeks, time off types (sick, casual, paternity, marriage, bereavement, optionals, business trip, wfh, etc), accrual policies and accrual rules.

You can create multiple policies and map them to different teams, office locations, shifts, etc.               


#4 Being in the know of what’s happening in the time off realm

Solution: A time off dashboard

How Freshteam can help: Freshteam gives you a bird’s eye view of what’s happening in your company or different teams. The time off dashboard reports aspects such as upcoming vacations, absenteeism patterns, who’s available and who’s not on any given day. This gives managers all the information they need to plan workweeks, address any absenteeism patterns, approve leaves based on availability of other teammates and so on.

Trends, stats, pending requests and all the heads up you need on one screen – The powerful Freshteam dashboard.