4 challenges in employee onboarding, and how Freshteam can help 

Brooding over your employee onboarding challenges? Keep reading. Whatever your challenge is, we’ll tell you how Freshteam can help.

Here are 4 common use cases in employee onboarding and how a HR software can help:

Use case #1 : Improving the efficiency of the onboarding process

Solution: Paperless onboarding

How Freshteam can help: The main goal of employee onboarding is assimilating a new hire into the company and their role. But apart from that there is a lot of paperwork involved for payroll, benefits, certificates verification, etc. An employee onboarding software enables you to represent the entire onboarding process on a system, while also giving you the power to manage and track it end-to-end from a single place. It eliminates 1) productivity hurdles 2) any confusions that your new employees might have during the process.
E-signatures make it easy to sign and submit forms without having to go through the hassle of multiple downloads and uploads.

Use case #2 : Increasing onboarding completion rates

Solution :Automatic reminders/notifications

How Freshteam can help: Once you have initiated the onboarding, you’ll be able to see if your new hires are yet to start filling your forms or documents if they have begun and not been completed, and when they complete and submit. When you notice that your new hires have not completed the formalities you can nudge them with reminders. Gives visibility and enables a 100% completion rate.

You can set up notifications to nudge them at appropriate time intervals. This will ensure a 100% completion rate.

Use case #3: Improving time-to-competence

Solution: Proactively Introducing the team, Onboarding kit, tasks tracker

How Freshteam can help:

A)Onboarding kit
During the pre-onboarding period, you can send an onboarding kit to your new hire over Freshteam. This can help you achieve the following. 

  • Quickly finish formalities like form filling and document signing even before they step in
  • Distribute handbooks, culture stories or anything else that will catalyze their social integration 
  • Pass on training material/assignments from specific teams or their own team.Creating your own onboarding kit in Freshteam  

B)Tasks and tracking

A solid onboarding plan is a good place to start but unless it’s executed, it amounts to nothing, right? It’s one thing to make a plan and a whole other thing to ensure that people stick to it and complete it diligently.
Let’s say your onboarding plan is a sequence of tasks that preps your new employees to exceed the expectations on their role. With Freshteam’s onboarding tasks tracker, you can track the progress of their tasks and ensure their completion. Here’s an example of a nice list of onboarding tasks from Artivity.

Source: Artivity

Use case #4: Empowering employees to find what they need

Solution: Implementing self-service for new hires

How Freshteam can help: Through Freshteam’s onboarding module you can enable your workforce to find the information they need – organizational charts, teammate profiles, team leave information, view details in their own profile, etc.

You can also give your new hires access to fill out their own profiles. This will improve the accuracy of the information and save time for your onboarding team.

You can grant or deny the edit or view access to fields in the profile to control who sees sensitive information like salary, medical information, etc

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