5 use cases in recruiting and how Freshteam can help

Freshteam helps thousands of recruiters pursue and achieve their recruiting goals year after year. Even though every business is different, we have noticed that the following use cases emerge as a common challenge for most of them. 

Read on to find out how Freshteam can accelerate recruiting for you.

Use case #1: Freeing up time and resources for more strategic areas through automations 

Solution: Recruiting automations

How Freshteam can help: The Freshteam Autopilot cuts down as much as 75% of everyday recruiter routines and releases time and resources to focus on core missions like proactively building an organizational culture or strategizing talent acquisition.

Below are some examples of what the Autopilot can do.

  • Reject candidates if their test scores are below 20%.
  • Send out communication to all stakeholders when a candidate reaches the interview stage.
  • Send an online test when the candidate reaches the technical interview stage.
  • Advance candidates who have shown interest in working for night shifts.
  • Archive all unselected candidates from a specific vendor to the talent pool.
  • Send highly personalised emails to all referred candidates.
  • Reject candidates with less than two years of experience.
  • Reject candidates who don’t have a work visa in your country.
  • Advance candidates who are from the same city as you.

This automation will automatically send out a HackerRank test when a candidate applying for a technology analyst position is advanced to the online test stage.

Use case #2: Attracting top talent and at rocket speed

Solution: Job board integrations, a career site, agencies/vendors management

How Freshteam can help:

Job board integrations

Freshteam integrates with all the major job boards such as Glassdoor, Adzuna, LinkedIn, Ziprecruiter, and Indeed. Through the integrations,

  • You can easily reach a wide pool of candidates. If your job descriptions are honest and well crafted, they will serve as an initial level of screening and filter out candidates that might not be suitable for the job.
  • Recruiters don’t have to log in and out of multiple job boards to manage their job posts. Instead they can post to all job boards and even make any edits from Freshteam itself. The job boards are synced with Freshteam and an edit made within Freshteam reflects elsewhere immediately.

You can post to multiple job boards in minutes by simply switching toggles.

Career site

Fresheam also enables you to quickly set up your own career site. The site can be as simple as a straight list of jobs, or a compelling sequence of items such people experiences, culture stories, possible career paths, perks and benefits, and then finally also the jobs they can apply to.

It’s an ever-present channel through which applicants pursue career opportunities with you.

This is the JCDecaux career site built and published via Freshteam

When people apply to one of your jobs, either on the job boards or your career site, they are automatically routed into the Freshteam ATS where they can be managed as candidates. Meaning, you just have to publish your jobs and sit back, the candidates will come to you.

Vendor Management

Freshteam enables you to empower your vendors without giving you more work to do. You can add your vendors to Freshteam and they can do all their work themselves – uploading resumes, looking up the status of a candidate etc., all without having to come to you for an update. They will have access to specific parts of your Freshteam account, namely the job postings they’ve been assigned, and the candidate profiles they’ve added for that job. This way, they can go about their job without having to depend on you. 

Freshteam also facilitates sourcing though other channels such as social media channels, employee referrals, email, and so on.

Use case #3: Getting serious about a great candidate experience

Solution: Timely communication, well coordinated selection process

How Freshteam can help: Freshteam reminds you when your response is due for a candidate. As soon as you see it you can quickly send them a response.

Freshteam enables you to filter out candidates for whom your response has been due.

You can also set up automations that send out emails to your candidates when an action happens on the system. For example, you can configure an automation that sends out email notifications to all stakeholders when a candidate is advanced to a new stage.

Another example could be sending out a rejection email when a candidate doesn’t qualify for a role. A LinkedIn study reports that 94% of the professionals expect feedback when they are rejected but only 41% receive it. So why not do it especially when there is an easier way.

This automation will automatically send out a reject email when a candidate applying for a technology analyst position is rejected after the first round of face-to-face interviews.

A well coordinated interview process

Through a smooth and tight interview process, you can ensure that your candidates don’t experience disconnection or other hiccups in the process. Some ways in which Freshteam achieves this are:

  • Well prepared interviewers – The interview prep kits set context and prepare the interviewers for the interview. This includes pivotal points like topics to cover, skills to assess, and so on. 
  • Interviews that run on schedule – Freshteam sends out notifications to all stakeholders when an interview is scheduled, it syncs with their calendars and takes care of getting them into the room when it’s time. 
  • Transparent selection process – Each interview can submit their feedback, scores and hiring decision on Freshteam which can later be consolidated for the final decision. At the end of the process, the HR can use this feedback to let the candidate know the WHY behind their hiring decisions.


Use case #4: Saving your favorite candidates for later

Solution: A talent pool 

How Freshteam can help: When you meet exceptional candidates in your sourcing or interviewing process but do not have the perfect role for them at the moment, Freshteam allows you to  add them to a talent pool and save them for a later role.

Archiving a candidate to talent pool in Freshteam

While archiving candidates to the talent pool, you can also tag them by skills, categories, certifications to pull them out when appropriate roles open. Over time your talent pool becomes a highly reliable source of quality candidates for you.

You can use the filters option in the talent pool to pull out candidates that match your job requirements when the right roles open.


Use case #5: Get data driven and scientific about recruiting

Solution: Reports and insights

How Freshteam can help: The reports and analytics on Freshteam give you complete visibility into what’s happening inside the process and point you to all kinds of scope for improvement. 

  • What’s taking up time in the interview process?
  • What sources are bringing quality candidates, or candidates that convert?
  • What job roles take a long time to hire?
  • Why do candidates reject our offers?

Shoot your questions. There is nothing that the Fresteam reports can’t tell you!

Freshteam reports

We hope you found this useful. We would love to know more about the recruiting challenges you are currently facing or solving and see if Freshteam can help. Feel free to write to us at support@freshteam.com or drop a comment and we can get talking. 🙂