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Recruitment can be refreshingly easy

Hiring the best is your most important task. And no one knows that better than your recruiters. However, they rarely get the time to focus on just finding and recruiting the best. A lot of their time, nearly 80%, is spent operationally - scheduling interviews, collecting feedback, keeping the hiring team updated and so on.

Choose the recruitment software that streamlines the operational tasks so that recruiters can focus on what matters the most: finding and hiring great people. With Freshteam, your team can publish job postings, advertise them on a range of channels including career site, social media and employee portal, collaborate with the hiring team to find the best candidate, schedule interviews, make offers and more.


Cast a wide net

Let the world know you’re hiring by sharing your job postings on a wide range of channels like a built-in career site, social media networks, employee portal for referrals, job boards and more. You can also use job embeds to display a list of open positions on any webpage you like. One time IT team involvement is all that’s necessary for you to get started.

Everything about a candidate in one place

No more wasting time, looking for information in your recruitment software. In Freshteam, every candidate has one profile - a single store of information and history with your company. That’s everything from your emails, their resume, interview feedback, hiring team communication, notes to sourcing method. To avoid confusion, we built Freshteam to avoid duplication and maintain just one profile in the system. This way, no matter how many times a candidate applies to a job or is referred, only one profile exists for them.

Make better decisions

Hindsight is 20-20 so take a look back at your strategy and use the data from your recruitment software to improve how you make decisions in the future. How long did it take you to hire for a particular role? How fast does your pipeline move? What is your least performing source of applicants? Freshteam has a suite of out-of-the-box reports to help you get started.

Collaborate with the hiring team online

Say goodbye to physical debriefings; collect feedback from the hiring team online, through your recruitment software. Get your hiring team onboard, to leave feedback, make comments, screen profiles, interview candidates, and be a part of the conversation, whether it’s on the web or from their phones. The best part is the task of keeping everyone updated shifts from you to Freshteam: automatic email notifications get sent out the minute an important event like a new application or interview is scheduled.

And one more thing…

Free support

We do not charge for our support. No matter what plan you’re on, our support team is standing by to help you with your questions.

Easy setup

Configuring Freshteam and getting started will take you less than 5 minutes.

No hidden costs

With Freshteam, you pay for exactly what you see - no conditional clauses and no hidden charges.