features of an applicant tracking system features of an applicant tracking system

1. Job descriptions management

Clearly drafted and well-managed job descriptions are key to running all the recruitment marketing activities successfully. ATS like Freshteam comes with a library of in-built job descriptions which can be used as it is or edited quickly. Each job description will have details about the job role such as the title, department, job type (full-time or part-time), skills and experience required, salary, etc. You can also mention the scope of these jobs as internal (will only be seen by your employees), private (visible only to the hiring team) or external (visible to your employees and career portal visitors)

To make the screening process easy, some ATS allow you to have custom application forms that collect the most important information upfront, enabling you to make faster decisions with minimum effort.

2. Job boards integration

As you read this, thousands of founders and recruiting heads are participating in ATS demos to find out if the ATS system integrates with popular job boards. The point is, that this is such a vital feature when it comes to Applicant tracking software. 

Juggling multiple job boards every day is one of the top productivity killers in recruiting. It’s hard to broadcast jobs to each job board manually, and even harder to keep track of what’s happening on each one of them. This is where seamless ATS-job board integrations come into play. You can simply publish your jobs to all the major job boards in a single click and manage all inflowing candidates at the comfort of your ATS.

3. Career page hosting 

Another vital part of the candidate attraction challenge is setting up a career site (especially without the time and help of an IT person). Modern ATS systems empower recruiters to set up a career site in less than 10 minutes. They also understand the importance of having a career site that looks and feels like the business brand - so, they enable you to quickly customize to align your page to the company brand.

With ATS, these career pages can also be maintained with ease. When you draft a job description and hit publish on your ATS, it automatically publishes it to the career page’s list of jobs. A career page is a great way to showcase the job role and what it would look like to work with you. You can highlight your culture, mission, people experiences, latest achievements, awards, accolades, and business journey.

4. Candidate sourcing

While choosing applicant tracking software ensure that it has a robust arsenal of sourcing capabilities to meet your needs - job boards management, career site hosting, social media recruiting, custom application forms, email recruiting, employee referrals management, external vendors management, and anything else that your recruiting team may need.

One of the key advantages of having ATS for candidate sourcing is the ‘Analytics’. Most modern ATS offer fantastic reporting dashboards that tell you what’s happening with candidate sourcing - time to hire by source, cost per hire by source, quality of candidates, the total number of candidates by source, candidates sourced by vendors, top 10 referring employees, and more to help you make informed hiring decisions. 

5. Candidate screening

The speed and methods used for candidate screening directly impacts quality of recruiting. It gives you an edge over the competition. The faster you screen, the more candidates you process through, enabling you to close top talent on time and stay ahead of your competitors. In fact, ATS with screening abilities can help you screen at least 40% faster. 

The different abilities through which ATS speeds up screening include resume parsing, custom application forms, and integrations with pre-assessment test providers such as HackerEarth, HackerRank, Codililty, and ClassMarker. Freshteam ATS empowers you to automate your pre-screening with a simple and intuitive autopilot. Next time, you don’t have to settle for the first convincing candidate you find, instead you can thoroughly screen all the applicants and pick the best from the lot.

6. Candidate Database Management

A lot of effort goes into finding the right candidate; candidate sourcing, screening and interviewing, and so on. Often in the process, you will find impeccable candidates who may be fit for another role, or a later role but don’t fit your current job vacancy. 

In the starting stages, companies try to manage these good-for-later candidates through an excel, which then gets buried and forgotten. The best way to manage them, however, is through a ATS candidate database (also called as a talent pool). You can save candidates, tag them by skills, certifications, suitable roles and more. As your hiring needs expand, you can turn to a reliable pool of candidates where you can easily rediscover some great candidates.

7. Interview Scheduling and Management

Once the pre-screening process is complete, the next step is to start scheduling interviews left, right and centre. Recruiters lose a lot of time in figuring out when interviewers and candidates are available and then relaying that communication to the team, briefing for interviews, collecting feedback and enabling decision making. The process can be frustrating and prone to manual errors without the right tools. 

When you use ATS with smart interview scheduling and management features, you can redefine how you do interviews - quick calendar integrations enable you to quickly view when interviewers are available, and scorecards and communication tools which enable a hiring panel to seamlessly collaborate and give the final verdict. In fact, you can even automatically notify respective stakeholders when an interview is scheduled, rescheduled or cancelled.

8. Offer management 

If your hiring team likes a candidate, the next step is to roll out an attractive offer and do it fast so that you don’t lose the candidate. That’s where offer management templates come to your aid.

Not only that, ATS empowers you to track whether candidates accept or reject your offers and why they do so. This gives you a ton of insights into how to make your offers more effective. For example, if you notice that bright candidates from other cities are refusing your offer because they are not motivated to relocate, you can offer them relocation assistance.

9. Recruitment workflow automation

Everyday routines such as follow-ups, emails, and other transactional tasks take up to 75% of a recruiter’s time, making a huge dent in their recruiting productivity. ATS can help automate these tasks and free up time and resources for more impactful hiring tasks or projects.

There are endless possibilities as to what you can automate in your recruitment process - sourcing, screening, interview scheduling, candidate communication, building a thriving candidate database, reporting, and more. When you are evaluating recruitment automation features, check how simple and easy to use they are. At the end of the day, software is supposed to make life easier, not the other way around. 

Freshteam ATS has an ultra-smart Autopilot that empowers you to simply specify an event, condition, and an action - When the event occurs if the condition is satisfied, the autopilot executes the task. You can access it free for 21 days by signing up here.

10. Reports and insights

Your hiring success dominantly depends on how well you track and course correct your hiring strategies. To help you with that,  you need reports and insights that can give you a bird's-eye view of things. Reports on sourcing, pipeline movement, interviews, referrals, screening, etc. 

Intelligent reporting will help you spot weaknesses and bottlenecks and take corrective action. It will also show you where your potential or strength lies and help you build on it. For example, if you notice from your sourcing reports that a particular job board is bringing quality candidates and also has low time to hire and cost per hire, it could be an indication that you should expand your recruitment marketing efforts on that particular job board.

You can automate the HR reporting process in minutes and also schedule a frequency at which it should be generated and emailed to you or your team.



Take your time. Read reviews. If you have unresolved questions, go on a one-on-one demo with the ATS provider and get your questions clarified. Check the pricing - are there any hidden costs? Is it affordable and value-based? Start with a free trial and see how the ATS system works for you.

Two other important things: Choose software that has a pleasant interface. After all, you or your team will be using it day in and day out. Next, probe into the quality of support - channels, timings, costs, etc. At the end of the day, you want to work with people that are committed to you and reliable for your business.