How to post a job on LinkedIn

Written by on April 11, 2018

Given its mission and reach, it comes as no surprise that LinkedIn is on every recruiter’s list as a must-have sourcing platform. Here’s what you should know before you post a job on LinkedIn and take advantage of its 546+ million member size to find your ideal candidate:

1) You can post a job to LinkedIn for $0

Certain LinkedIn partners offer their customers, the ability to post job postings to LinkedIn for free, despite LinkedIn jobs being a premium paid job board. Freshteam is a LinkedIn partner which is why any customer on Blossom, Garden or Estate can post their job openings to LinkedIn on no additional dime.

A LinkedIn job post through Freshteam, referred to as Limited Job Posting, is available through Search and it will be linked from your company LinkedIn page.

2) LinkedIn has a 30-day PPC model

Like Google AdWords and Facebook, LinkedIn has a PPC model. You buy ads for 30-days, at a time and set an average daily budget for your job postings and pay for the number of views your job ad gets, daily. This is based on the location of your job posting. Once the budget has been decided, LinkedIn gives you an approximate number of views that you can expect. Please note that this is just an estimate. If you receive more views than your budget accounted for, you’ll be charged up to a maximum of 1.3x your budget.

When you put up a paid job, LinkedIn

  • Uses your job description and location to display the job ad to candidates who match the specifications in the “Jobs you may be interested in” section
  • Gives you intelligent recommendations i.e a list of candidates tailored to your job and location. According to LinkedIn, this feature is being gradually rolled out so it may or may not be available right now.
  • Gives you 5 free direct messages that you can use to get in touch with candidates. You need to have a premium LinkedIn account to send InMail to anyone.
  • Allows you to direct candidates to an external site, your careers page, to apply.

3) Groups really really help

LinkedIn’s strength is its groups that range from the super generic to the highly specific – by finding the right group, you can get your job post in front of the right audience with minimum effort.

Don’t forget to share your job posting with your LinkedIn connections and organically grow your reach. The post will show up in the LinkedIn feed of anyone who likes your update so get your hiring team to like the post.

4) LinkedIn is not a silver bullet

LinkedIn is a great place to find quality candidates but it shouldn’t be your only approach – we’d recommend a mix of job boards, generic and specific, like Glassdoor, Adzuna, Ziprecruiter etc. to round out your recruitment strategy.

Posting and tracking jobs across multiple job boards can be cumbersome, especially if you don’t use an applicant tracking system. You’d have to log into them individually to check who’s applied and pick up the conversation, if necessary. With an ATS, your candidates will get automatically added to your pipeline – all you really have to do at the start of the day is log into your ATS, to know the state of hiring.

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