Applicant tracking software for small business

Small businesses often run on minimal budgets to optimize profits. Their attention goes to what their employees and customers need ‘immediately’. Tools for hiring efficiency or hiring smartness such as ATS are usually overlooked.

Yet, only those businesses that have the vision, plans, and right tools to launch them into future growth, succeed. An ATS is one of the top three important tools for a business alongside helpdesk and CRM software. The top benefits of a small business using an ATS are:

  • Optimizes recruiting productivity 

  • Makes your recruitment compliant

  • Sets the foundation for future growth

What is an applicant tracking system?

Applicant tracking software empowers recruiting teams to attract, interview and hire amazing people with ease. Recruiters can post and manage jobs, track job statuses, manage all incoming applicants through the interview process, and collaborate with hiring managers and panel members over hiring decisions, and rollout rock-solid offers using an ATS.

When should a small business invest in an ATS?

Not all small businesses need an ATS at once. Here are some questions to ask yourself before deciding if you need an ATS or not: 

1) Losing your productivity to any of these things - juggling multiple job boards, interview scheduling, and managing candidate pipelines?

2) Have more than two people collaborating over hiring decisions?

3) Does your team find it hard to access data anywhere, anytime?

4) Do you lose candidates to excel sheets or communication gaps? Have you been thinking about building an easy-to-manage candidate database?

5) Are some teams in your company fast-growing?

6) Struggling to build candidate-attracting career pages?

7) Is finding quality candidates one of your real struggles?

8) Do you hire for a lot of temporary positions?

9) Do you spend a lot of time on routine tasks like emails, follow-ups, etc?

If you answered yes to most of these questions, then ‘NOW’ is the time to go get that ATS.

Choosing an applicant tracking system for your small business

Does it solve your challenges?

As you ask this question, it’s important to consider both current and upcoming challenges. Besides, also make a list of any special use cases you are trying to solve and test if the ATS can solve them.

Is it affordable in the long run?

Pick one with honest-to-your-face pricing! As you do the math, consider at least 6 months to envision the long-run wins. Ideally, start with software like Freshteam, it’s free for firms with up to 50 employees.

What about support?

Find out if it’s free or paid. Ask if they have multi-channel support - chat, email, phone, etc. What’s their average response time? Are they kind and respectful? Do they respect your business values? Research!

How Freshteam ATS can help small businesses

Streamline the hiring process 

ATS helps small businesses represent the whole recruitment process from end-to-end on a single system - starting from the time a requisition was raised until when a candidate is swiftly onboarded.

ATS software for small business
Manage your job boards 

Without an ATS, small business recruiters log in and out of multiple job boards each day to attract quality candidates. For small businesses with lean hiring teams, this can be costly.

Freshteam ATS solves this problem by empowering recruiters to take control of all the major job boards from one interface - they can post to multiple job boards in a single click and manage all incoming candidates on the ATS itself.

Best applicant tracking system for small business
Build a thriving talent pool

Any smart small business hiring team knows the cost of attracting exceptional candidates but not the cost of losing them to color-coded spreadsheets. The talent pool empowers recruiters to save such candidates for later, even if there isn’t a role for them immediately. You can tag them by experience, another job role, certifications, university, etc - just so you can filter and discover them with ease when it’s time. 

Within weeks of implementing this, recruiters will realise what they missed before.

ATS system for SMBs - features
Set up a magnetic career site

No, not a crappy list of jobs posted recklessly! But a fully functional career site, personalized to look and feel like your brand, where candidates can find your open jobs and apply. These candidates will then automatically flow into your ATS as candidate profiles that are easy to manage.

ATS for small business - features
Make collaboration smooth as butter

When you are hiring as a team, collaboration is everything. Freshteam offers your team the ability to do debriefs, follow-ups, availability checks, interview scheduling, feedback gathering and so much more over the ATS itself. It’s smooth, seamless, and 10X faster!

ATS software for small businesses
Everyone’s favorite: The Candidate 360!

The Freshteam candidate 360 is a one-screen view of all information available on the candidate - resume, conversation history, interviews scheduled, interviewer feedback, tasks assigned, or just about anything. It’s an interviewer’s best friend, HR’s go-to, and the panel members’ courtroom. 

ATS systems for small business
Get ready for the future: Automation

If routine tasks are draining your recruiters, then where is the time to strategize and grow into the future? The Freshteam autopilot can be configured to run repetitive errands such as email follow-ups, notifying candidates and panel members over interviews, advancing candidates based on scores, etc. The autopilot can shoulder up to 80% of your recruiting tasks, freeing recruiters for things that matter the most!

Applicant tracking system for small business

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