What can recruiters do with Freshteam?

Here’s a list of everything recruiting that you can do on your very first day with Freshteam.

  1. Import candidates into the Freshteam candidate tracking system through excels and CSVs.
  2. Invite, onboard and collaborate with fellow-recruiters, hiring managers and everyone that’s involved in recruiting.
  3. Create roles for different types of Freshteam users in your company to limit/define the hiring actions they can perform.
  4. Create job postings for the vacancies in your organization. (Take advantage of Freshteam’s 50+ inbuilt job descriptions.)
  5. When you create a job posting, you can also create a small team of hiring managers and panel members who are associated with it – A mini hiring team for each job posting.
  6. Every job can have a custom application form with vital form fields that help you separate qualified candidates from the aspirational ones.
  7. Share job postings to free and premium jobs boards in a single click from within the ATS itself. When you edit your job posting in the ATS, it automatically reflects elsewhere.
  8. Share job postings to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn.
  9. Freshteam also allows you to put up a ‘careers tab’ on your Facebook page through which people can apply to your jobs.
  10. Organize fruitful referral drives in the organisation. Employees can refer their friends and family to open vacancies through Freshteam itself, making it easier for you to collect and process applications. Meanwhile, they can also track the status of the referrals via the applicant tracking system.
  11. Create a quick career site for your company if you don’t already have one.
  12. Personalise your career site to extend the look and feel of your brand.
  13. If you already have career site or a careers section in your website, Freshteam allows you to embed your job postings into it.
  14. Freshteam automatically adds all the incoming applicants from job boards, social networks and career site to the ATS.
  15. It maps every incoming applicant with a source and medium to help you identify the candidate sourcing channels through which they applied.
  16. You can parse candidate resumes.
  17. You can view all information about a candidate in one place like a candidate profile – Candidate 360.
  18. Define a hiring workflow – a clearly defined stage-by-stage process through which candidates will be advanced as they clear each stage.
  19. Also, you can drag-and-drop candidates on a Kanban view to move them through stages.
  20. Manage candidates in bulk – reject, advance, send tests, etc.
  21. View the availability of your hiring managers or interviews on their calendars through calendar integrations.
  22. Plan and schedule interviews through your ATS and let your ATS notify and remind interviewers and candidates when it’s time. That’s a lot of following-up and reminders off your shoulders.
  23. Facilitate video interviews with candidates and record feedback through Skype interviews and Google rooms.
  24. Track all conversations with a candidate in one place – the conversations tab. Even your other team members can view and pick conversations from where they were last left.
  25. The hiring team members can review candidates, rate them and leave comments for fellow-recruiters
  26. Schedule notifications for all stakeholders when certain events occur.
  27. You can create and use email templates/canned responses for everyday scenarios.
  28. Create tasks and reminders for yourself to manage your workload. You can assign them to candidates and fellow-recruiters as well.
  29. Save a candidate for later by adding them to the talent pool.
  30. Tag candidates by skills, education, suggested roles, etc as you archive them.
  31. When your team finally finds those best fitting candidates, release offers from with the ATS.
  32. The ATS gives you the ability to draft offer letter templates and use them as and when needed.
  33. Track the status of released offers. That is, you can track if your candidate has accepted or rejected your offer.
  34. Freshteam even allows you to keep track of what makes candidates turn down your offers and helps you work on it.
  35. Recruiters can create an organization chart and employee directory on which people can look each other up.
  36. The Freshteam Android and iOS apps equip recruiters to perform important actions even when  they are on the go – view candidate profiles, submit feedback, track tasks on to-do lists, etc.
  37. You can automate everyday routines such as screening, emailing or following up with candidates. The automation will execute every time a pre-defined condition is met. For example, when a candidate does not meet one of your must-have criteria, you can configure the automation to automatically reject them.
  38. Every morning, take advantage of a proactive dashboard that keeps you up to date on the things in your basket – new applications, interviews scheduled for you, tasks that are due, status of the offers your released, etc.

These are just some things to start with. If you would like to further explore Freshteam, make use of our 30-day free trial. If there is another specific recruiting problem you are trying to solve, leave a comment and tell us about it.