Stories in candidate sourcing


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Ready, steady, publish: The story of how Notion Press built a team that overachieves its targets consistently.

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All things you need to run a successful employee referral program - ideas to attract, accelerate, and acquire referrals.

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Acing high volume tech recruiting with Pre-assessment tests like HackerEarth, HackerRank, Codility, etc.

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Insights from the real heroes on the ground

Building a game-changing TA team

Professor Dave Ulrich, the author of 30+ books on HR shares how to build an HR team when you go from 50 - 500.

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Finding the perfect Applicant Tracking System

Mekin Maheshwari, (previously, CHRO Flipkart ) talks about how an ATS helped experiment and scale in the early years of Udhyam.

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Growing from 20 to 200 - The hiring essentials

The story of how Lynk scaled steadily with Freshteam from the co-founder of Lynk, Shekar Bhande himself.

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ATS for growing companies 

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Sourced from the methodology of successful businesses, these tips will help you find and hire the right candidate, with ease.
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5 powerful use cases in recruiting and how Freshteam helps organizations solve each one of them in minutes. 
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Ready, steady, publish: The story of how Notion Press built a team that overachieves its targets consistently.
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Candidate experience

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Candidate experience - The inside stories of what Providence health does to give it's candidates an impeccable experience.
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Interviews tips for the other side of the table because during an interview a lot depends on how prepared and comfortable a interviewer is.
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A realistic approach to rejecting candidates gracefully - after all, how one is rejected is a part of their overall experience too.
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Explore The Freshteam ATS

ATS features

Take a peek into the exhaustive list of the ATS features starting from everything in sourcing to offers and hires.

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Recruiting Automation

You can simply automate up to 60% of a recruiter’s everyday routines like screening, emailing, and following up.

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Freshteam Integrations

Find out how Freshteam works with all your favorite apps - Job boards, assessment tests, video interview tools, etc.,

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Freshteam Features

In addition to an impeccable ATS, Freshteam also has onboarding, time-off management, and database management.

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The Freshteam Mobile App

Android and iOS mobile apps enable you or your employees with important updates for quick, on-the-move actions.

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30 with Freshteam on Day 1

Our ATS is easy to set up, very intuitive, and quite powerful starting from the day. Here’s a list of 30 things you’ll be able to do on day 1.

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