How an Automated Hiring System Keeps you Ahead of Competition?

By adopting an automated hiring system, you can reduce human effort, provide better candidate experience, and get that extra edge that elevates you above your competition. Today, amidst the great reshuffle, an automated hiring system can give a slight advantage over your competition.

Companies that are aware of this advantage, track metrics such as 'Time to hire' on a monthly or a quarterly basis. 'Time to hire' is the time taken between an approval of a job application and an employee accepting the offer. Reducing time to fill by improving HR practices helps businesses succeed sustainably in the long run.

Companies expect talent acquisition teams to invest in strategic tasks such as sourcing great candidates, innovating the interview experience and getting new employees onboard. Yet, recruitment teams spend time on repetitive, time-consuming processes and keep themselves busy. This is where an Automated Hiring System comes in!


What is an Automated Hiring System?

Automate Hiring System is a stack of HR tools that help streamline repeatable processes such as resume screening, candidate outreach, interview scheduling, background verification and candidate onboarding. By choosing the right software you can make hiring easy for the recruiters and candidates alike. By choosing the right software you can make hiring easy for the recruiters and candidates alike.

Examples of an Automated Hiring System

  • Applicant Tracking System with a resume parser, an automated interview scheduler, etc.  
  • HR Information System (HRIS) that automatically gathers employee information and stores it securely.
  • Employee Time Off management system that automatically communicates an employee's absence to the manager.


Features of an Automated Hiring System

Now that you’ve decided to invest in an automated system, what features should you be looking for? There is no one size that fits all, however, let us look at some of the most sought after automation features around hiring.


Automated Job posting

Today, every job post that a recruiter posts gets publicised via multiple job boards. However, a recruiter need not individually waste time and effort in posting to every job board. Leverage an HRMS with automated job posting capabilities that can post jobs to all the major job boards in just a click. An added advantage would be the option to promote the same job posts via social media.

Candidate sourcing

It is a well-known fact that a majority of candidates in the market are passive - i.e. they are not in active pursuit of a job switch. However, to maintain a healthy pipeline of talent, recruiters continually source passive candidates through various channels such as emails, social media and employee referrals. On the other hand, active candidates in the market who are looking to switch to a new role immediately apply via job boards, career sites, etc. All you need is an automated system to manage candidate sourcing through a single platform - Applicants from all sourcing channels will flow automatically into one system (the ATS), in which you can manage them.


Resume screening 

When sifting through large volumes of resumes, recruiters typically spend a majority of their time looking for candidate details such as Name, years of experience, education and visa requirements to work in a particular country. These details could easily be scraped off resumes through an automated resume parsing system. This saves a lot of time for your recruitment teams and allows them to spend time speaking with the right candidates.    


Interview scheduling 

Recruiters and recruitment coordinators spend more than 50% of their time coordinating between candidates, interviewers, hiring managers, and other stakeholders. With an automated interview scheduling software, you can configure the communication to go out to all stakeholders when an interview is scheduled, cancelled or edited, automatically! Interview schedulers which integrate with your calendars, ensure that confirmed interviews are added directly to the calendars of all stakeholders. 



Recruitment assessment tools are very useful in gauging a candidate’s ability to perform a specific task. Skill-based and psychometric assessment tools could be a recruiter’s best friend in surfacing good candidates from the rest. Choose an assessment test provider that integrates with your Applicant Tracking System(ATS). This way once a candidate completes their assessment, you will automatically be able to see their score in your ATS.


Candidate engagement

A candidate who is engaged throughout the hiring process is more likely to accept your offer and become part of your organisation. However, keeping every candidate engaged with customised emails takes up recruiters’ bandwidth. To combat this, automate transactional communication such as email reminders before a scheduled interview, sharing the map of your office location, triggering background checks, etc. This automation can be achieved using an ATS with automated candidate engagement capabilities. Recruiters can still spend time on 1:1 communication with candidates to get qualitative feedback on the interview process and more. 


Background checks

Background investigation is a crucial part of the hiring process that generally involves determining whether an applicant may be unqualified for a position due to a record of a criminal conviction, motor vehicle violations, poor credit history, or misrepresentation regarding education or work history. Completing a thorough background check while not hampering the candidate experience is important for all talent acquisition teams. Here is where automated background verification tools come in handy. Freshteam integrated with background check providers such as Checkr and Authbridge making the whole BGV process a breeze!