What is background check software?

Background check software enables businesses to automate the process of verifying the details submitted by candidates in the job-seeking process. It helps verify their educational, professional, criminal, financial, and other records, and saves the information returned by the background checks securely.

Background Check Software Background Check Software

What are the common features of background check software?

1. Intuitive Dashboards

All software is only as good as its dashboards. Agree? The dashboards help you visualize what’s happening in your background check process. They pinpoint slowdowns and chart out how long the checks are taking, and the causes for it, such as candidates not submitting information on time, or delays with court closures, and so on.

2. Self-service portal for candidates

The self-service portal enables candidates to easily submit consent and information, accurately. They can also track the status of their background checks on their own through the portal without the intervention of the recruiters

3. Accreditations

Background check software should be compliant with FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act) to ensure that you never run into any legal issues while background screening candidates. You can also look for other widely recognized accreditations such as the national association of professional background screeners (NAPBS) and PBSA (The professional background screening association).
Data Security - It is also important that your background screening software complies with data protection laws such as the GDPR because it will be the one centralized place where all information from the candidate background checks will be stored.

4. Automated workflows

Check if your background screening software enables you to have custom automated workflows that speed up the process and make it completely easy on you. For example, you can implement custom workflows based on roles, industry, etc. let’s say for instance, when a background check is initiated for a banking role, it will automatically trigger a credit check.

5. Smart filtering options

Filters to help you switch views and leave out unnecessary information that may create a bias in your screening process and focus on hiring the best candidates for your jobs.

6. Local and global background checks

With more and more companies going remote post-pandemic, you will need background screening software that can manage both local and global background checks. A global background check will cover criminal history, education, employment verifications, and more.

What are the benefits of using background check software?

The immediate benefits of using a background check software are faster time to hire, improved quality of candidates, and better hires. Let’s take a deeper look at the benefits.

1. Improves the quality of incoming applications, and hires

When companies start the background screening of potential employees, candidates also take the process more seriously and stay away from lying or misstating on their job applications. Not only that, it also encourages top talent who are attracted to safe work environments to apply for your jobs. As the quality of candidates improves, inevitably, the quality of hires does too. The background screening process hence becomes a channel for advertising the values of the company indirectly, to the future employer.

2. Ensures safety of the workplace

Background checks screen for criminal history that involve felony and misdemeanor criminal convictions, pending criminal cases or a history of incarceration as an adult. They also screen for possible terminations and termination reasons from previous jobs for misconduct.

It is an important funneling system to the hiring process, weeding out the unqualified and unsafe individuals, and the qualified individuals trickling through.

3. Helps comply with Federal and State Laws

It makes sure you are taking on employees that are who they say they are, taking on employees who are legally entitled to work in the country. Hiring the wrong kind of employee can not only cause problems to the company, but to the State as well, in certain instances. So, potential mishaps can be prevented.

4. Removes the strain and pain of performing checks manually

It takes a huge load off the recruiter who will otherwise have to manage the background checks manually. This way, your recruiters find more time and energy for other impactful work. Additionally, it removes all room for manual errors. You can expect a more complete and thorough result; so you're not worrying about whether you've left any stone unturned

5. Speeds up the screening process and helps fill positions faster

As background screening software automates the entire background check process, it ensures the timely delivery of applicants for the next step of the interview process. Consequently, it also reduces the time to hire and time to productivity. According to Checkr, 84% of the background check reports get completed within 15 minutes with the background screening software.

How to select background check software?

Start by listing down your expectations - features needed, budget range, integrations available, compliance criteria, turnaround time and more. Then start signing up for 1-1 demos of background check software. If it’s the first time evaluating background check software, if you already have an idea, go ahead and sign up for a trial and evaluate it yourself. 

1. Define your needs (What are the types of background checks you’d like to perform?)

Find out if your background checks service provider has the ability to perform all the kinds of checks you will need to perform. Make a list and check - credit check, criminal records check, professional and educational background check and more.

2. Evaluate the ease of integration

It’s important that your background check software integrates seamlessly with other vital HR systems such as ATS or HRIS without any hiccups to ensure that you have a friction-free hiring process.

3. Make sure that your background check software is legally compliant 

Not all organizations are permitted access to people’s sensitive records. So, check if the background check software provider has the authorization to obtain the criminal records from hearings. For example, if they are not FCRA compliant, they are not legally permitted to perform the pre-employment checks.

4. Turnaround time 

A fast-paced interview process is crucial to closing the top candidates. The turnaround time of your background screening software will directly affect this. So look for one that aligns with your goals and speed. If this is not listed explicitly, get in touch with them to find out, and also clear up any other questions you may have.

5. Candidate experience

Would the candidate background check software be easy to use for your candidates? Check if they can submit information quickly, track the status of their background checks without ambiguity, and more. Most importantly, make sure they have a friendly mobile version that you and your candidates can use for quick status checks.

6. Support

Check if you are separately billed for support. Compare them against competitors' pricing. Identify if they offer discounts for volume buying or annual commitments. Some background service providers go the extra mile and freely educate you on the rules about what kind of information you can use in your employment decisions and what you can not. This will also help you not violate any compliance requirements.

7. Technological considerations

Look for basic technological sophistications. Something as simple as e-signatures for consent forms can improve your background check completion speed and rates remarkably. It also plays an important role in the security of your data. So don’t underestimate the power of technology.

8. Finally, the cost of background check software

Find a background check software that offers value for the money you pay and stay affordable even when you scale. Understand their different pricing plans, hidden costs if any, and even the refund policy if necessary. 

Why is Freshteam the best background check software

Freshteam seamlessly integrates with Checkr, enabling recruiters to trigger a background check at the click of a button. Not just that, it speeds up the entire process and protects the great candidate experience you strive to offer.