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1. Back to Work 🖥️

A bunch of best resources to go through as we reimagine the new normal work life

Strategies to Return to Work - A Webinar 

Planning to reopen office in the face of COVID? Should you go remote or adopt a hybrid model? Is remote work the right way to go for your company? 


Know the answers to all your questions as 3 Top CEO's and a CHRO discusses them in this interesting webinar on getting back to work. 

A General Guide with Q&A's on opening your business again.

When to resume work? How many employees to call? What preventive measures to take? Find answers to these and more, right here. 


Source: Faegre Drinker

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The Back-to-Work Playbook

If you are a manufacturer or a production owner, this guide from manufacturers around the world sharing their tips on reopening your business would be very helpful for you. 


Source: Josh Bersin 

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Planning to return to work after COVID-19 - What you need to consider?

Remote or closing up is not your option and you are definitely opening up again for business ? Before you do read this  7-point list that tells you everything about returning to work. 


Source: SnapComms

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Return-to-Work Best Practices During the COVID-19 Pandemic

If you are an HR who wants to make sure you got everything right, from policies to rules and following regulations as your company opens up, read this article to fact-check your process. 


Source: JDSupra

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Gartner's guide to all HRs on Returning to Workplace

It isn’t enough just to establish safety measures; employees must actually feel safe, and how to do that? 


Source: Gartner

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A Checklist on the must-dos for all HR folks from SHRM.

From Workplace Safety to Employee Compensation, make sure to not miss a thing as you open up work again with this checklist at hand. 


Source: SHRM

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2. Managing Layoffs 🚶‍♂️

As much as you want to avoid it, it has become the inevitable decision for many in the business. But not all layoffs have to be a bad experience for both parties, read these articles to know how to handle layoffs during this crisis. 
How to Manage Coronavirus Layoffs with Compassion?

HBR gives answers to the burning question in all HR's minds right now. 


Source: HBR

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Know how to manage staff concerns

Do you need more staff or do you need to send a few home, you might not know for sure, this article from USChamber will help you figure it out. 


Source: CO by USChamber

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Is Downsizing your only way to survive now? 

Know what SHRM has to say about managing layoffs as part of the downsizing. 


Source: SHRM

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A humane layoff while you are on Remote

Layoffs are tough, and when on Remote, it is all the more difficult to show your compassion to the employee, read to know how to handle Remote Layoffs. 


Source: Jobbatical 

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A quick read on how to handle COVID-19 Layoffs. 

Layoffs during COVID is 10x times tough than your usual layoff, read to know Bamboo HR's word of advice. 


Source: BambooHR

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3. Remote Work 🐱‍💻

Numerous calls, IT Team breaking their heads to set things up, and the forever backache, your employees have a lot of challenges working from home, how can you help them? Find out. 

New to Remote Work? Zapier is not. 

A global remote company, Zapier has been working remotely for close to 7 years now. From Culture, Time zones, Employee Engagement to the right tools required for a successful remote team, they know it all. Listen to Wade Foster - CEO of Zapier talk about how to manage a Remote team in this Webinar. 

How to Manage your newly Remote Team?

This article discusses the common challenges and also presents answers to tackle them, dive in!


Source: HBR

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From Culture to Necessary Equipment, do not miss a thing. 

In this article, you get to know the many nooks and corners that might present itself as a challenge during remote work. 


Source: Fuze

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Is Remote Work here to stay after COVID? 

This article goes beyond the remote work due to COVID and discusses how even post the crisis, remote work might stay and how companies should approach this new normal. Read if you are wondering about remote or physical office. 


Source: EY

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Employee Performance during Remote Work and COVID 

Find out what are the trends and how is the performance of employees affected during remote work.


Source: Gallup

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A Complete Guide on Managing Remote Employees

The upsides, downsides, and impact of remote work and how to manage your workforce effectively. 


Source: Complete Payroll

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4. Employee Engagement 👫

Engaging your employees to foster a great culture was always an evolving challenge and with remote work in place, it has become almost impossible, or not. Read these articles to know how to keep your remote employees engaged and preserve the rhythm of your team. 
SHRM's take on how you can engage remote employees. 

A quick 5-point guide on how HR folks can keep their employees engaged during COVID.


Source: SHRM 

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What if COVID was the best thing that happened to Employee Engagement?

Sounds strange? Here is an article that explains why engagement can be better than ever now. 


Source: Josh Bersin 

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11 ways to Improve Employee Engagement

A fact-rich article with numbers to prove its ways are indeed effective to improve engagement. 


Source: Harver

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A Manager's guide to us all on keeping the culture intact

Employee Engagement forms the base of a great culture, read to know how you can keep it happening during remote work. 


Source: GoCo

covid resource page 4d covid resource page 4d
Employee Engagement and Productivity during COVID

How to make sure employee engagement and productivity stay intact during a crisis, read to know. 


Source: MaRS

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5. Webinars and Podcasts 🎧

Not a reading person? Well, you can always hear/see what experts have to say about #gettingbacktowork during COVID -19 with our hand-picked Webinar and Podcast list. 
A Podcast by SaaStr

The official SaaStr Podcast with SaaS founders and investors discussing the current situation and also providing valuable insights. 


Source: SaaStr

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A Webinar that answers all your HR questions on COVID

Watch out for a new episode every Tuesday to get deeply researched answers on everything COVID and HR. 


Source: Operations Inc

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Podcast by Unum - HR Trends

HR Management during COVID - Each episode deals with every aspect or challenge posed by the HR world and gives valuable solution for them. 


Source: Unum

covid resource page 5c covid resource page 5c
Webinar on Return To Work

Watch the recording to know how to protect your employees who return to work. 


Source: Mercer

covid resource page 5d covid resource page 5d
The HR Famous Podcast 

Tune in to listen to your burning questions discussed and answered by different experts from the Industry. 


Source: Hr Famous

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A Webinar on Returning to Work

While many of us are still working remote, some part of the world has opened up its business, and this webinar gives hands-on experiences from people who have actually returned to work. 


Source: Jackson Walker 

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An Exclusive HR Advisor on everything COVID

This podcast from HR Daily Advisor has numerous episodes giving clarity and answers to all HR folks around the globe. 


Source: HR Daily Advisor

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The All Things Work Podcast by SHRM

There is something for everyone in this Podcats by SHRM, share among your employees to keep them engaged and connected to work. 


Source: SHRM

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6. Remote Onboarding 📑

While Layoffs, Remote Work are challenges that one has some practice of doing before, remote onboarding new hires is something that is never seen before. You would probably have them come down to the office at least once during the course of the onboarding even if they are a remote employee, but with COVID, its all remote employees, so how do you onboard them without losing the excitement? Read to know. 
A Remote Onboarding Checklist for HR

With the right plan of action, coordination, and the tools remote onboarding can be made simple. 


Source: Workest

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Tips for Onboarding Remotely during COVID

A quick read that gives you the right on point tips to make remote onboarding easy. 


Source: HR Dive

covid resource page 6b covid resource page 6b
FAQ on Remote Onboarding 

Workable answers the most frequent questions of all HR folks on Remote Onboarding.


Source: Workable

covid resource page 6c covid resource page 6c
The Orientation of New Hires during COVID

Tips from SHRM on how you can go about with your Employee Orientation.


Source: SHRM 

covid resource page 6d covid resource page 6d
Onboarding during a Crisis 

Experts say how to train your new hires and also your current employees to have a successful remote onboarding.


Source: HR Daily Advisor

covid resource page 6e covid resource page 6e
A complete guide to Onboarding Remotely 

What you should prepare before the joining date, on the day and after a few days + a checklist. 


Source: The Management Center

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7. Remote Offboarding 🙋‍♀️

With layoffs happening left, right and center, know how to handle offboarding tactically and humanely in this section. Remote Offboarding cannot be a quick 3-minute call, read to learn how to offboard remotely. 
How to Offboard your Remote Employee during COVID?

Not an easy task, read to know how to manage layoff with good offboarding practice.


Source: Inc.

covid resource page 7a covid resource page 7a
How to get through laying off on remote?

With Video Conferencing tools being the way to reach out to someone, how to smoothly offboard during COVID is answered here. 


Source: Ladders

covid resource page 7b covid resource page 7b
How to implement an empathetic offboarding process?

Read this article to know how to optimize your offboarding process. 


Source: Clickboarding

covid resource page 7cc covid resource page 7cc
Offboarding with Compassion and Compliance during a Pandemic

Compliance and compassion may not have always been your first choice of importance before during an Offboarding process, but now they have to be first and you know why. How you can make that happen is answered in this article. 


Source: Clickboarding

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8. Remote Hiring

If you are one of those lucky ones still surviving or making profits because of the situation that the pandemic has put us in, you might be hiring folks, alas, remotely. So, here is a set of articles for you to help in your Remote Hiring. 
Creative ways of Hiring during COVID

How to make your hiring process creative and effective when its on Remote? SHRM answers. 


Source: SHRM 

covid resource page 8a covid resource page 8a
How is Recruiting during a Pandemic different? 

And what should you know before starting your remote hiring. 


Source: MeetFrank

covid resource page 8b covid resource page 8b
Resources to help your Virtual Hiring

8 useful resources that can help you make your remote hiring effective. 


Source: Yello

covid resource page 8c covid resource page 8c
A step-by-step guide on Remote Hiring

The different challenges of remote hiring and points to overcome them


Source: Paycor

covid resource page 8d covid resource page 8d
The Hiring Scene amidst COVID-19

Hiring is not the same anymore and here is everything you need to know before you start your remote hiring process


Source: SHRM 

covid resource page 8e covid resource page 8e
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9. Employee Wellness 👍🏿

The world and the workforce as we know it is not the same anymore, and everyone is coping the best we can. Here are few best guides you can go through to ensure the wellness of your employees. 
How to handle the Emotional Stress of a Pandemic?

A wonderful guide to all managers and leaders on how to weather this extreme storm from First Round Review


Source: First Round Review

covid resource page 9a covid resource page 9a
A Survival Guide during COVID

Read to know how to take care of your staff during this pandemic. 


Source: Forbes

covid resource page 9b covid resource page 9b
How to take care of your anxious employees?

There is no denying that COVID has mental health impacts, SHRM addresses your concerns on how to handle them.


Source: SHRM  

covid resource page 9c covid resource page 9c
Why burying the problems in the closet is not the answer? 

Because to smile and hush about issues is never the solution, says a famous behavioral scientist. Read to find out more. 


Source: First Round Review

covid resource page 9d covid resource page 9d
The Different Benefits to provide to Employees

SHRM gives a quick read on the health, wellness, and leave benefits you should provide to your employees to help them.


Source: SHRM 

covid resource page 9e 1 covid resource page 9e 1
Ways to Support your Employees Now

A 7 point guide on how you can support your employees during COVID


Source: HR Executive

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10. HR Leadership during Crisis 👩‍💼

Human Resources is undoubtedly the most important department of any organization, now more than ever. If you are an HR Leader, then it is must you read the below articles to help you do the best you can now. 
Advice to Leaders on how they can Manage Raging Emotions

Your employees are not the same anymore, each one has an issue and is with mixed emotions you cannot really predict, know to how manage them from here. 


Source: Gallup

covid resource page 10a covid resource page 10a
How Leaders can bring engagement and productivity?

Remote work + unsettling times = lesser engagement and productivity. Read to know how you can tackle it all.


Source: Forbes 

covid resource page 10b covid resource page 10b
Ask Yourself

Are you a new leader? You ought to ask yourself these 5 questions, says HBR. 


Source: HBR

covid resource page 10c covid resource page 10c
Is your Team completely Remote?

Here is your Guide to manage, engage, and do a good job as a leader. 


Source: Gallup

covid resource page 10d covid resource page 10d
How to lead hopefully?

As a leader during COVID, here is how you can lead your team with hope.


Source: Gallup 

covid resource page 10e covid resource page 10e
Don't Micromanage Now

How to make sure you do not micromanage your Team during COVID? Learn from SHRM.


Source: SHRM   

covid resource page 10f covid resource page 10f

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