What is campus recruitment?

This process involves sourcing, evaluating, and hiring university students and recent graduates for early-career internships or entry-level positions. Large-scale college recruiting is typically done to fulfill high-volume recruiting needs by medium and large companies or to headhunt exceptional young candidates for high-impact roles. On-campus recruiting is an intensive process with many stages and involves a broad range of stakeholders, including recruitment managers, HR teams, executive teams, university career services centers, and most importantly, the students themselves.

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Why is campus recruitment important?

Good talent is hard to come by. A Gartner survey earmarked talent shortage as a top emerging risk for recruiters. This means that to keep your recruitment pipeline strong, you need a dedicated college recruitment process to access fresh talent as soon as they enter the market. Being a passive recruiter simply means you lose out to more active competitors. 

Any organization looking to scale consistently over the long term needs a reliable strategy to continuously identify and bring in bright, motivated young blood into the fold. 

Here are six good reasons to up your game:

Connect with great talents early:
The competition for young talent is getting hotter. Campus recruitment allows you to connect with potential candidates early and proactively offer them an opportunity to get to know your organization and factor it into their planned career trajectory.

Establish brand value:

Establishing a regular presence on campuses enhances your organization’s brand value and name recognition in the job market, increasing your desirability as an employer.

Cultivate candidates:
Campus recruitment lets you cultivate promising candidates through internships, cooperative educational opportunities, and entry-level hires, letting you build enduring loyalty, which can demonstrably improve hiring and retention rates.

Develop a strong recruitment pipeline:
A strong campus recruitment strategy lets you consistently source qualified candidates for entry-level positions and keep costs down compared to other means of candidate sourcing.

Keep up with the times:
By prioritizing campus recruitment, you can keep up with changing demographics in the professional world and build up a diverse future-ready workforce.

Future-proof your workforce:
Inducting young talent early into the organization lets them imbibe your organization’s culture from the ground up and be groomed for critical roles, thus reducing your dependency on external hires for leadership positions in the future.


7 Core campus recruitment avenues

Career Fairs:
Many universities host career fairs for on-campus recruitment, providing organizations with a platform to connect with soon-to-be graduates. Such an event offers a valuable scouting opportunity for students to learn about your organization’s openings, ask questions, and potentially apply to work for you.  Targeting these events is a vital part of such a recruitment strategy.

Career Services Centres:
Most reputed institutions have a dedicated career services center that facilitates students hunting for job opportunities. Reaching out to the center staff can help your recruiting team connect with key stakeholders such as faculty, administrators, and other vital contacts.  These people can help you link up with promising students who can be a good fit for your organization and provide references to aid the recruitment process.

Networking opportunities:
Give strong candidates opportunities to build a relationship with your organization. These include invitations to conferences, participative events like hackathons, company tours, meet and greets with key employees and alumni, etc. This is an opportunity for candidates to understand your company culture and for you to pitch why your business is the right platform for them to launch their careers.

Work opportunities:
Providing hands-on work experience is the best way to cultivate a professional relationship with college students. Dedicated rolling/summer internship programs for undergraduates, exclusive apprenticeships, and opportunities to earn college credits through co-op programs are all very effective strategies. Even if they don’t always result in a full-time hire, students will be more likely to recommend your organization within their peer networks. Plus, it can help foster good relationships with top colleges and universities, which appreciate organizations that help their students gain real-world work experience.

Campus recruitment drives:
Suppose you build a good relationship with educational institutions. In that case, you might be invited to conduct a full-scale recruitment drive on campus, where students can easily participate in your end-to-end recruitment process from the comfort of their campus. These drives are great for high-volume recruitment needs as the increased accessibility drives up participation rates, and the on-campus presence speeds up the recruitment process.

Campus recruiters:
Many high-profile companies often appoint dedicated campus recruiters, either as specialists in their HR department or through external vendors, to handle all college recruitment activities. Dedicating a permanent resource to spearhead the process allows companies to be much more persistent and proactive about their college recruiting strategy and ultimately corner a better crop of candidates than the competition.

Supercharge your campus recruitment strategy using Freshteam

While campus recruitment is an instrumental strategy with high returns, it can also be a tedious process. There are a huge number of candidates involved, especially when recruiting high volumes. You need to track all these applicants and push them through your hiring stages without bogging down your pipeline. You also need to maintain a talent pool of all the prospects who could potentially be employed down the line. 

In such a context, smart recruitment software becomes an essential commodity to help you manage such an immense undertaking and ensure its completion in an orderly, productive, and time-bound manner. 

Freshteam is a fully-featured recruitment management system that provides an end-to-end recruitment experience from a single platform. It comes with a host of software capabilities that help you automate large chunks of your recruiting process, thus ensuring that your augmented pipeline can handle a college recruitment process’s demands.

Custom hiring Workflows

Configure a hiring workflow with bespoke stages that fit with your strategy. You can also designate hiring teams that can be seamlessly looped into the process and collaboratively engage in their respective tasks right from the platform

hiring process in freshteam hiring process in freshteam

Vendor Management

The recruitment software also has features that allow you to add external vendors, such as specialized campus recruiters, to seamlessly collaborate with your internal teams for college recruitments. Vendors can independently perform actions such as uploading resumes, accessing a candidate’s status, and much more. 

external vendors for hiring freshteam external vendors for hiring freshteam

Recruitment Analytics

Freshteam can also generate reports that let you track how well your recruiters perform and gauge the efficacy of your overall hiring systems, thus turbocharging your campus hiring process.

campus recruitment metrics in freshteam campus recruitment metrics in freshteam

Application Forms

Application forms let you source all the relevant information from the candidates upfront. Having a consistent data set from all candidates lets you set up an effective screening process to automatically parse through all the applications according to your hiring criteria. This also frees up your recruiters to focus on more high-impact activities, thus speeding up your hiring process substantially while also enhancing its quality.  

Application form for campus recruitment Application form for campus recruitment

Pre-assessment tests

You can significantly speed up technical rounds in a campus recruitment workflow by deploying tests from providers like HackerRank, Codility, HackerEarth, etc. These tests are quick, objective, and can be deployed in bulk from the platform itself.  Freshteam offers an integrated testing workflow that can automatically notify candidates and record their scores once they have taken the test for evaluation by hiring teams and interviewers down the line.

pre-assessing campus hires using Freshteam pre-assessing campus hires using Freshteam

Smart interview scheduling

Lining up calendars of various panelists to schedule interviews can be a nightmare. The high volume of candidates typically seen in a campus recruitment workflow only compounds the problem. Freshteam automates this process by integrating with the most popular calendar apps used by organizations. You can conveniently find suitable empty slots in interviewers’ schedules and block them in advance. Additionally, it lets you schedule multiple interviews from a single interview scheduling screen.

interview scheduling for campus recruitment interview scheduling for campus recruitment

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