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Why is sourcing through Facebook important?

Sourcing through Facebook is important because that’s where your candidates are. And it’s one of the top platforms where people generously share information about themselves - location, interests, job history, education history, networking skills, and whatnot.

People are at least 50 times more active on Facebook than they are on LinkedIn or any other professional networking sites.

For recruiters, it’s a paradise full of passive candidates who are not actively looking for a job. It’s also an effective platform to drive referrals and swiftly build credibility for your brand.

facebook sourcing facebook sourcing

Some numbers to back our sourcing via Facebook case

From Facebook’s 2020 IR statement

Currently active Facebook users

people log into Facebook each day

people use Facebook groups every month

people use Facebook stories everyday

groups/communities exist on Facebook

GenZers prefer talking to companies via messaging

Techniques to add to your boolean arsenal

The following are some quick boolean tricks  you can use to target your ideal candidates on Facebook using the X-ray search.

Site: operator - This directs your search to a specific website. To serach Facebook, you can use the site: operator in the following way

You can then follow the operator with phrases to include in your search query. Here are some examples to help you understand how this works. Let’s say you are looking for a content writer, then your search string will look like this: “Content writer”

To refine the search to include only people and eliminate agencies or companies or posts, you can further add the phrase “profile photo” in the query. Though pages have profile pictures and cover photos, the phrase “profile photo” in the query ensures your results only list people. “Content writer” “profile photo”

facebook sourcing 2 facebook sourcing 2

You can also target people working for a particular company by adding the company name into the search query. “Product Marketing” “profile photo” “Freshworks”

The above string will show you a list of product marketers from Freshworks. If you would like to target more companies in your search,  use the OR operator. “Product Marketing” “profile photo” (“Freshworks” OR “Amazon” OR “Google”)

You can use the same logic to filter for people based on location, age, university, certifications, etc.

facebook sourcing 1 facebook sourcing 1

Basic etiquette and ideas for recruiters wielding the power of Facebook

About Freshteam

Freshteam is a HR software built with the hiring needs of rapidly growing businesses in mind. It changes the way recruiters source, attract and hire.

With the Freshteam ATS, you can broadcast to multiple platforms and ensure that all candidates who apply automatically flow into your ATS where they are converted into candidate profiles. Meaning, you can drive your entire candidate sourcing strategy from a single platform - no juggling job boards, or social media platforms, and no manual uploads or downloads.

Pro tip: Connect Freshteam to your company’s Facebook page and create a “We are hiring tab”. When candidates click on it, they’ll be shown a list of open positions they can apply to. Candidates can then click on the opportunities that would like to go after and apply to it just like they would do on your careers page.