The Candidate Sourcing Bible
Why should recruiters consider for sourcing?

49 million registered members, 230,000 organizers and 15000 in-person events each day focused on highly-specific skills and interests - the real question should be, why wouldn't you be sourcing on

  • It’s a great source for both active and passive candidates.

  • Also a smart way to target candidates who are attending a specific event even without having to attend it yourself. For most events on, the attendees list is usually public. You can hence X-ray the list with Google’s boolean search and find the perfect people for your company.

One disadvantage with is that it doesn't offer any search functionality. But since the site is indexed by Google, you can X-ray the site with Google’s Boolean powers.

freshteam meetup freshteam meetup

Techniques to find talent on

You have three streams of targets when you start sourcing on - People, Groups, Files. 

Finding people profiles using the URL for group members

The site doesn’t allow you to sift through members based on roles. However, you can start off with a common X-ray search targeting the skills required in your ideal candidates. Designers "recent meetups"

In the above string, the site: operator directs the search to, ‘Designers’ pulls out all the groups or meetups in which designers engage, and ‘recent meetups’ pulls out meetups that were held recently - this way you can target a user base that’s active and alive.

Once you have the groups, you can navigate to the members tab, and pick the url of the members tab. Let’s say the url is:

You can now search the members’ list for a more specific skill set with a slightly modified query. For example, if you want to find the UX designers in the group, you can type in a search query like the one that follows: “UX design”

meetup 01 meetup 01

Finding people profiles using common words/phrases in

Some common phrases across profiles are location, member since, has attended, member of, interests, etc. You can use these terms as filters while searching for candidates.

Let’s say you want to find sales heroes  who have been on for at least 3 years. Your search query will look like this: sales “member since 2017” 

To list candidates from a particular city or location, you can use the location of hometown keywords. sales “location Atlanta”

meetup 02 meetup 02

Finding candidates at upcoming events

Another trick to test is using your postal code in the search string to filter meetups happening near you.

site:meetup.con 38332 Content Marketers

This search will pull out meetups relevant to content marketers from the area code 38332. It's not always a sure shot but you can give it a try. 

You can also use the intitle: operator to search out groups that have the job title or location keyword in the title of the event. "Content Marketer" intitle: "Atlanta" 

Finally, you can add the words "Upcoming events" to the search string to pull a list of upcoming events where you can meet, greet and recruit candidates. "Content Marketer" “location Atlanta" "Upcoming events"

meetup 03 meetup 03
Searching files, finding authors

Users are uploading presentations and documents on Meetup. When you search out files uploaded by users, you will get better insights about them and will be able to analyse them with the openings in your company. All the file data is stored at and you can use X-ray search to locate the files you are looking for. 

For example:- Content Marketing 

This will pull out files that contain documents and information on content marketing. You can track the authors and reach out to them. 

meetup 04 meetup 04

Best Practices for interaction with members

1. Use private messages to reach out to people. Otherwise you may attract needless attention.

2.Don’t send messages to multiple users in a group at the same time, it may come across as spam.

2. Take the time to engage in the meetups and build real relationships. 

3. You can test out what works for you by sourcing out of multiple groups initially, and over a period of time you can restrict your search to groups that seem ideal for you.  

4. When you find people, look them up on Google and see if you can reach out to them on a different platform - ones where they may be more active, or comfortable.