What is Cloud-Based HRIS?

A cloud-based HRIS (human resource information system), is a tool that allows organizations to store employee data in a single, easily accessible, secured online location. The data can be accessed instantly, anytime, anywhere, from any device having an internet connection.

Why use cloud-based HRIS?

Over the course of the pandemic, with an increased reliance on digital platforms and databases, cloud-based HRIS systems have seen a significant rise. Both HR teams and employees across businesses, of all scales, have been working tirelessly to transfer their database to cloud platforms, an immediate impact of having to work remotely. Making use of cloud-based HRIS systems enables the end-users to access data on a real-time basis, while administrators of the system are now able to expedite the workflow by not having to rely on local database stations where the data was previously stored. This also accounts for the immense security of the data stored, possessing multiple layers of protection and security – often impossible to hack into. Finally, by making use of cloud-based HRIS systems, businesses are offered the opportunity of saving on resources, both in terms of money and space.

Cloud-based HRIS vs On-premise HRIS

Cloud-based HRIS

On-premise HRIS

All you need is a working remote device and stable internet connection

You need to allot physical space for the tool along with an IT personnel for the initial setup.

Subscription-based - can be monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, or yearly

Initial capital investment followed by frequent maintenance charges

Frequency of the updates cannot be determined. It is automatic, smooth, and does not affect the business

Updates can be quarterly or yearly and would lead to downtime

Can happen any day, any time, and do not need the help of the IT team

Can be customized and done only during the initial set up. Integrations after that would require the intervention of an IT team and is costly

Suitable for small and medium-sized businesses who would like to get started with the processes quickly and are looking for an ‘anywhere, anytime, and any device’ approach

Suitable for large businesses that have the money and the space for implementing on-premise HRIS

What are the benefits of using Cloud-Based HRIS?

Features of cloud-based HRIS

Frequently Asked Question(s) on cloud-based HRIS software

1. Is Cloud-Based HRIS Safe?

Given that businesses store a large amount of sensitive and private data on cloud-based HRIS systems, safety and security are but a concern. However, here we must note that cloud-based HRIS systems are extremely safe, with every HRIS vendor taking great caution to ensure that the data stored is encrypted adequately.