Freshteam: The most reliable BambooHR alternative.


What makes Freshteam the best BambooHR alternative?

Unbeatable pricing

Freshteam offers 80% of BambooHR’s features for 20% of the cost. Unlike BambooHR our pricing is upfront. The free plan is free for companies with up to 50 employees. All our other plans are available upfront on our pricing page and start at $59. 

The Autopilot Superiority

The Autopilot gives you an exclusive and significant edge that BambooHR cannot offer. It empowers recruiters to automate up to 75% of the everyday recruiting chores such as candidate screening and follow-ups, releasing time to focus on the things that matter.

An empathetic UI

Freshteam is smooth and easy to use. The UI is neat and leads you through the entire process. Within minutes you’ll be able to create job postings, set up hiring teams, hiring workflows, and accelerate your hiring process.

A 21-day long free trial

All Freshteam plans have a 21-day trial, even the premium ones, giving you ample time to try the product features after which you can choose to pay. BambooHR has a 7-days long trial.

Free for companies with less than 50 users

The freemium plan is perfect for growing companies. It’s absolutely free for organizations with less than 50 users. And even when you grow it continues to stay affordable. Our pricing is as transparent as it can be.

Compare BambooHR vs Freshteam

Job Posting Management
Advanced career site configuration
Source through social media, email, job boards
Vendor management
Employee Referral portal and Management
Talent Pool Management
Candidate 360 Profiles
Customizable hiring process
Schedule Interviews & Collect Feedback
Scorecard management
Skill assessment integrations (Codility, HackerRank, HackerEarth, etc.)
Offer management
Manage offer declined reasons
Reports and insights

Self Onboarding kit
Custom onboarding forms (for branches, teams, etc.)
Custom onboarding workflows
Custom field options
Manage field visibility
Secure document vaults
Employee self-service
Recognize duplicate records
Custom time off policies
Holiday calendars and workweeks
Approval workflows
Time off tracking
Time off reports
Payroll integrations

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The BambooHR alternative trusted by 5000+ businesses

A deeper dive into why Freshteam is the #1 BambooHR alternative

Smart applicant tracking 

  • Pack your whole recruiting world in one dynamic software! Everything from the day a requisition is raised until a new hire is onboarded.

  • Amplify the reach of your jobs with one-click publishing to multiple channels - career site, job boards, social channels.

  • Break the silos! Bring your team together! Discuss profiles, rate candidates, leave notes for each other, and make the best hiring decisions.

  • Stop losing candidates! Save and nurture them via the talent pool for later roles.

  • Let the data lead you! Optimize the nook and corner of your hiring process with reports and insights from Freshteam.

The best BambooHR alternative

Proactive new hire onboarding

  • Get things done with new hire onboarding checklists and workflows! 

  • Work in tandem with other stakeholders, auto-assign onboarding tasks to respective internal employees - IT team, HR team members, hiring managers or anyone. Plus, automatic follow-ups to ensure they get done on time!

  • Keep your new hires engaged and connected with well thought-out and task-rich onboarding plans.

  • Track the status of the tasks and nudge the new hires with reminders to ensure 100% onboarding completion rates.

The most affordable BambooHr alternative with new hire onboarding

A perfect and compact HRIS

  • Collect all the details you need with employee forms - simply drag and drop fields to build custom employee forms. Employees can then fill out information for the HRIS which you can later review and add to the database.

  • Keep data safe - Define who gets access to what. For example, the compensation field can be made visible-only-to-HR.

  • Create a reliable, single point of reference for everyone in the organization when they need to know who’s who and whom to reach out to for what. 

  • Bonus: Since your ATS and HRIS are integrated you only have to enter candidate details once.

Bamboohr Alternative

Hassle-free time off tracking

  • Create and customize work weeks, holiday calendars and time off policies - one for every location, or shift, or as you please.

  • Set the policies in motion with simple time off workflows - employees can raise and track time off requests, managers and HR partners can approve or decline them, just like that your new time off policy would have been implemented. 

  • Disburse time off based on employee tenure - no headaches there!

  • Pull actionable insights easily with Freshteam’s time off reporting - discover and fix absenteeism trends, see upcoming vacations, manage team availability and more.

BambooHR alternative

Powerful Recruitment Automations

The Freshteam autopilot releases up to 80% of your recruiter’s time that would otherwise be spent on mundane chores. It executes automatic actions based on pre configurations. You can easily automate transactional tasks such as screening, following-up, advancing candidates based on scores or sending our reject emails.

For example, you can configure an automation rule to send out notifications to hiring managers and panel members when a candidate is advanced to the interview stage. This eliminates a lot of emails and follow-ups

The best BambooHR alternative

Migrate with experts' help

Already using BambooHR and worried about moving data from BambooHR to Freshteam? We’ve got you covered. Our team will work with you to migrate your data from your ATS so all of your recruiting data is in one place. This is free no matter where you are, how big you are, or what your favorite color is.

The best BambooHR alternative