Why the email-spreadsheet combo is detrimental to your hiring process

Don’t waste time switching between tabs

You start your day by logging into your email, LinkedIn and various job boards, one after another, to check on who's applied when and where.

browser switch tabs 2x browser switch tabs 2x
Use one tool to manage them all

Log in each day to see a list of applicants, candidate conversations, interviews and more. More time recruiting and less time tab switching.

comprehensive dashboard crop 2x comprehensive dashboard crop 2x
Don’t leave information scattered across different software

Hiring team communication happens over your internal chat tool, email, SMS, pigeons and so on. When you need to clue someone in, there's usually a lot of forwarding involved.

diff softwares 2x diff softwares 2x
Find everything you need to know, in one place

Every candidate has a profile that's a complete record of all interactions - emails, hiring team communication, everything. So, all anyone really needs to do to get up to speed is log in.

candidate 360 crop 2x candidate 360 crop 2x
Don’t waste time on operational tasks

You spend a lot of time finding information, keeping everyone in the loop, updating statuses and basically, doing everything but recruiting.

operational tasks 2x operational tasks 2x
Focus on recruiting

Leave the housekeeping (status updates and notifications) to Freshteam so you can focus on what you do best: recruiting.

manage candidate crop 2x manage candidate crop 2x

Hire better and faster

Advertise and attract brilliant candidates

Share job postings from your career site to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, job boards and more. Employees can also refer candidates through employee referral portal.

Schedule interviews and collect feedback

Find a time that works for everyone by syncing calendars to Freshteam. You can also easily send reminders to submit feedback.

No more digging in your inbox for resumes

Archive candidate profiles to the talent pool so that Freshteam can resurface the profiles when relevant jobs open up.

Show the world your brand

Make a great first impression by showcasing your employer brand through your career site.

Make offers

Generate offer letters, record decisions and keep track of offer declined reasons, from your Freshteam account.

They love us. You will too.