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Stranded with Google Hire? Meet Freshteam.


All of Google Hire’s capabilities and

even more


Yes, Google Hire is shutting down but you won’t miss a single feature from Hire. If at all, you’ll only get your hands on some very useful and powerful capabilities like recruitment automations, ability to build a thriving talent pool, external recruiters management, etc unlike on Google Hire. That’s not all. You can effectively onboard new hires, manage an employees database, and track all paid time off information in one place.

On top of this, something new is always cooking in Freshteam.




You’ll have dedicated assistance

all the way


Moving away from a familiar system and embracing a new one can be challenging on many levels. To make the transition seamless for you, a dedicated account manager from Freshteam will assist you with the import of jobs, candidates, and employees, and stick with you through the whole process.




Freshteam is easy-to-adapt


It’s simple and easy to understand and involves no learning curve. You can set it up in minutes and start importing candidates, posting jobs, scheduling interviews and collaborating with your team right away.

Deep G Suite integrations and

job board integrations


Freshteam integrates with G suite apps such as Gmail, Google Directory, Calendar, Hangouts, Rooms, in addition to integration with Office 365.

The free and paid job board integrations equip you to post jobs to multiple job boards in a single click and expand your reach to potential candidates. For now, Freshteam integrates with Indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor,  Nuevoo, Adzuna, and ZipRecruiter. If you do source from other places, you can use the custom tracking URLs to track and manage the inflow of applicants from there.




At a price that makes you switch

right away


Our plans start at $1/emp/mo and stay affordable as you grow. They are simple and straightforward. What you see on our pricing page is what you get.

Try Freshteam - It’s simple, affordable and detail-rich.

How are Freshteam and the Google Hire different? Here’s how.

Freshdesk dew

Requisition Management
Customizable career site
Out of the box free job descriptions templates
Source via social media channels
Convert emails from job boards or vendors into candidates in the ATS
Major job board integrations (Glassdoor, Indeed, ZipRecruiter)
Google jobs integration
Post jobs to the company’s careers page
Source via Email (In Hire, this is possible only for Gmail using an add-on.)
Employee Referral Portal and Management
External recruiters (In Hire, vendors have to be on your domain and have a G Suite license.)
Ability to recognize duplicate candidate profiles
Talent pool (In Hire, this is achieved through integration with google sheets)
Recruiting automations
Interview prep kits for interviewers
Skill assessment integrations (Codility, Hackerrank, Hackerearth etc.)
Customizable hiring process
Interview scheduling with email and calendar integrations
Scorecard management

Reports and insights on declined offers
Ability to control who sees sensitive information like compensation
New hire onboarding





Timeoff Management
Employee Database
Goals Management

Will be available from H1 - 2021

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