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How are Freshteam and the Google Hire different? Here’s how.

Freshdesk dew

Requisition Management
Major job board integrations (Glassdoor, Indeed, ZipRecruiter)
Google jobs integration
Post jobs to the company’s careers page
Customizable career site
Out of the box free job descriptions templates
Source through social media channels
Source Through Email (In Hire, this is possible only for Gmail using an add-on.)
Convert emails from job boards or vendors into candidates in the ATS
Employee Referral Portal and Management
External recruiters (In Hire, vendors have to be on your domain and have a G Suite license.)
Ability to recognize duplicate candidate profiles
A thriving Talent Pool (In Hire, this is achieved through an integration with sheets.)
Customizable hiring process
Recruiting automations
Interview scheduling with email and calendar integrations
Interview prep kits for interviewers
Scorecard management
Pre-employment assessment integrations

Reports and insights on declined offers
Ability to control who sees sensitive information like compensation
New hire onboarding
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Five reasons why companies choose

Freshteam over Google Hire

Put time back into your day with sophisticated automations

Use the Freshteam Autopilot to run automations which screen candidates, send them a test upon reaching a specific stage, advance or reject them based on test scores, archive exceptional candidates to the talent pool, set up webhooks and do more.

You decide who sees sensitive information

You have the power to control who reads what information. For example: you can restrict access to the salary fields to only the HR and managers.


Gather candidates into a thriving talent pool

As a part of the recruitment process, you’ll often meet exceptional candidates who may not be a proper fit for a current role. In Freshteam, you can save them for later by adding them to the talent pool where you can tag them (by skills, roles they’d be a great fit for, certifications, etc.,), nurture them, and then eventually reach out to them when you have opportunity they can’t deny.

For you, the talent pool also becomes a reliable source of time-worthy candidates that you can turn to as and when jobs open. It's another way to ensure that the best of your candidates don’t fall through the cracks.

Manage your external recruiters better

Unlike in Google Hire, your vendors don’t have to be a part of your domain or have a Gsuite license to be added to your HR software. Freshteam handles them exclusively under vendors management, where you can add them and give them access only to the jobs they are hiring for. Your vendors or external recruiters can login and view or follow-up on the status of the candidates they have referred.


Pay Happily

You can sign up for a free trial with Freshteam anytime! We also have a freemium for teams with less than 50 users. Our pricing is transparent. What you look at on our pricing page is what you get.

Easy data migration from Google Hire

Worried about moving data from Google Hire to Freshteam? We’ve got you covered. Our team will work with you to migrate your data from your ATS so all of your recruiting data is in one place. This is free no matter where you are, how big you are or what your favorite color is.

That’s not all. There’s more.

New hire onboarding

Create onboarding checklists and work with your team on getting everything ready for your new hire’s arrival. Meanwhile, connect with them to sign documents, fill forms, read policies and more, over Freshteam.

Time off management

Raising, approving and managing time-off requests cannot be easier! Freshteam is also the one place where your people can keep track of who’s in or not, colleagues’ upcoming vacations, and holiday calendars.

Employee Directory

All employee information in one place for all to refer - it’s well organized, easily viewable, highly secure, you can choose what details to collect, control who views sensitive fields like salary, etc.