Freshteam is a smart, affordable HR solution that doesn’t stop at catering to your end-to-end recruitment needs but goes multiple steps further - it manages your onboarding, time-off, employee data, and HR workflows too, at no additional cost.

Try Freshteam for free and see for yourself why 7,000+ companies like yours trust this HR and recruiting solution.

Freshteam - the best Jobscore alternative Freshteam - the best Jobscore alternative

Why Freshteam is the best Jobscore alternative

News flash: Only 37% of the HR leaders say their HR management solutions are delivering benefits to a “great extent” - which is quite convincing to emphasize your need to choose the right HR and recruiting software. Let’s compare Jobscore with Freshteam and understand why Freshteam is the best Jobscore alternative for your growing business.


Jobscore Freshteam
✅ One click job posting ✅ One click job posting
✅ Social recruiting ✅ Social recruiting
✅ Hosted career site ✅ Hosted career site
✅ Applicant tracking ✅ Applicant tracking
✅ Job board integrations ✅ Job board integrations
✅ Employee referrals ✅ Employee referrals
✅ Resume database ✅ Resume database
✅ Internal job boards ✅ Internal job boards
✅ Interview templates & scorecards ✅ Interview templates & scorecards
   ✅ Talent pool management
   ✅ Candidate 360 profiles
   ✅ 360 degree feedback
    ✅ Kanban boards for applicant tracking
   ✅ Email & Job board integration
   ✅ Autopilot (Recruiting automations)
    ✅ Candidate self-scheduling for interviews
    ✅ Unlimited onboarding and offboarding workflows
   ✅ E-sign integration
   ✅ Pre-Onboarding data collection & welcome kit
    ✅ Built-in employee data management tool
    ✅ Org charts
    ✅ Employee self-service
    ✅ Absence management/PTO
     ✅ Time off approval workflows

Get a one-stop HR solution rather than going for a hiring-only software

Honestly, why settle for a solution that can help you only with recruiting? Get a solution that manages your candidate sourcing, employee time off, employee data and HR workflows, along with recruiting. Make your investment speak louder with Freshteam’s smart HR software that comes with a modern applicant tracking system, onboarding and offboarding tools, time off management tool, dedicated HRIS, and a lot more - all at one place!   

Speaking about ROI, “Subscriptions to job boards such as LinkedIn and Indeed costs $12,000 - $13,000 every year. Freshteam is pretty cost-effective for us as it integrates with several job boards and pretty much cuts our recruiting costs in half.” says Jim Kilcur, Director of Talent Management at Physicians Choice Dialysis.

We understand that SMBs and larger organizations have different HR needs. This is why we have four different plans: Free, Growth, Pro, and Enterprise, each of which caters to a different stage of your company's growth. You can start with the free edition for your small business and gradually invest more as your company grows in size. In other words, you only pay for what you need. Decide on a plan of your choice once you have looked at our complete pricing plan and compared with other Jobscore alternatives.

Reduce 75% of your recruiting workload with Freshteam Autopilot

Freshteam comes with recruiting automation features that automate routine recruiting tasks like screening, emailing and follow-ups. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Freshteam Autopilot can automate so much more. It can screen candidates, reject or advance them based on test scores and even archive impressive profiles to talent pools. 

Learn how fast-growing Ultius used Autopilot to screen 40% more resumes in this case study

Sort all your remote/hybrid work enabling priorities with Freshteam 

Unlike other Jobscore alternatives, Freshteam comes with a whole gamut of features to support remote/hybrid work for your distributed recruiting team. 

From candidate 360 profiles that help multiple recruiters know everything about a candidate, to kanban boards for easier applicant tracking, to candidate self-schedule option that lets candidates pick the best slot for their interview, there are enough arrows in the quiver to make remote collaboration much easier.

Like icing on the cake, you can also collect pre-onboarding data from new hires and send them welcome kits well ahead. Offer a candidate experience they’ll always remember! This is what makes Freshteam stand out from the crowd of other Jobscore alternatives.

Building a robust talent pipeline can't get easier, with Freshteam in place

We feel you when you spend so much time finding great candidates only to reject them just because they are overqualified. The talent pool management feature that comes with Freshteam’s ATS lets you archive candidates to the talent pool with multiple customizable tags so you can follow up easily in the future. Freshteam will remind you of these promising candidates just when you need to be reminded. This way, you can maintain a candidate database and don’t have to depend on an Excel sheet or lose candidates to the ATS black hole, when you want to look them up in the future. This is one of the strong reasons why Freshteam is a good Jobscore alternative.

Delight your HR teams through a breezy-to-use UI

Freshteam is designed with the users at heart and focuses equally on both ‘function’ and ‘experience’, making it a noteworthy Jobscore alternative. Once you’ve made a few clicks here and there, you can master the complete tool with no explainer videos or dedicated online training required. Nothing you want is hard to find, literally. With a refreshing user-friendly UI, all it takes is a few minutes to post jobs, assemble hiring teams, create hiring workflows, and invite your team for collaboration, no matter where they are! 

What people say about Freshteam

You can now stop looking for a Jobscore alternative and switch to Freshteam.

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Jobscore alternative | Make the switch to Freshteam Jobscore alternative | Make the switch to Freshteam

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