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Freshteam is a smart and affordable HR software specially built to solve the HR needs of growing businesses. Recruiting, onboarding, time off, employee data, and HR workflows - you can manage all of them at one place! 

Try Freshteam for free and see for yourself why 7,000+ companies like yours trust this HR and recruiting solution.

#1 Personio alternative | Make the switch to Freshteam #1 Personio alternative | Make the switch to Freshteam

Why Freshteam is the best Personio alternative

Did you know that a PwC survey states only 37% of HR leaders say their HRMS solutions are delivering benefits to a “great extent”? This makes the case for choosing the right HR and recruiting software seem quite compelling, doesn't it? Let’s compare Personio with Freshteam and understand why Freshteam is the best HR and recruiting software for your fast-growing business.


Personio Freshteam
✅ One-click job posting ✅ One-click job posting
✅ Social recruiting ✅ Social recruiting
✅ Branded career page ✅ Branded career page
✅ Applicant tracking ✅ Applicant tracking
✅ Job board integrations ✅ Job board integrations
✅ Third-party integrations for employee referrals ✅ In-built employee referrals management
✅ Internal job boards ✅ Internal job boards
✅ Interview templates & scorecards ✅ Interview templates & scorecards
✅ Talent pool management ✅ Talent pool management
✅ Interview scheduling ✅ Interview scheduling
      ✅ Candidate self-scheduling for interviews + Automatic interview load balancing
       ✅ Candidate 360 profiles
     ✅ 360 degree feedback
         ✅ Kanban boards for applicant tracking
✅ Workflow automation ✅ Diverse automated workflows through Autopilot
        ✅ Automated candidate screening
        ✅ Automated HR reports
       ✅ Candidate & interviewer communication control
✅ Onboarding and offboarding workflows ✅ Onboarding and offboarding workflows
       ✅ Pre-onboarding data collection
         ✅ New hires welcome kit 
✅ Employee database ✅ Employee database
✅ Employee self-service ✅ Employee self-service
       ✅ Org charts
✅ Time off tracking ✅ Time off tracking
✅ Time off reports ✅ Time off reports
✅ Mobile app for time-off ✅ Mobile app for time-off
      ✅ Time off support in both days and hours
       ✅ Custom time off policy rules
        ✅ Supports global Holiday calendars & optional holiday
     ✅ Integration with Google & Microsoft Calendars for auto-Out of Office
✅ Electronic Signature ✅ Electronic Signature
✅ Offer templates ✅ Offer templates
✅ Recruiting email templates and autoresponders ✅ Recruiting email templates and autoresponders
✅ Inline editing of employee data ✅ Inline editing of employee data
     ✅ Free plan for lifetime

Make ROI without I using Freshteam's lifetime-free version

Yes, Personio provides you a free trial, but Freshteam goes one step further and offers a lifetime free version with no strings attached to cater to all your basic HR and recruiting needs. In short, you get to see returns on your investment - with your only investment being the time you put in. 

We also understand the needs your growing business has in each stage and believe in a pay-as-you-grow pricing model. That’s why Freshteam comes with special plans tailored for each stage of growth. You get to pay only for what you need to scale your business.

Don’t worry if you are skeptical about which plan suits you the best. Schedule a quick call with our experts and they will handhold you through the process.

Reduce up to 75% of your recruiting workload with Freshteam's Recruiting Automation

We know what part of your HR team’s to-do list is monotonous and Freshteam includes recruiting automation features that automate exactly those tasks. Screening, emailing, and follow-ups are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the list of mundane HR tasks that you can automate with Freshteam. Freshteam Autopilot can do a lot more than that. It can evaluate your candidates, reject or advance them depending on assessment results, and even add exceptional profiles to a talent pool for the future. This is one of the crucial reasons why Freshteam is a great Personio alternative.

Learn how fast-growing Ultius used Autopilot to screen 40% more resumes in this case study.

Delight both your candidates and recruiters with Freshteam's HR-friendly integrations 

Freshteam integrates with almost every app your HR team uses - HackerRank, HackerEarth, Codility and ClassMarker for assessments, Google Meet, Google Hangouts, Zoom and CodePair for video interviews, Nuevo, Monster, Glassdoor, Adzuna, Indeed, ZipRecruiter and LinkedIn for job boards and many more.

Unlike Personio, Freshteam also comes with meaningful, recruiter-centric integrations including Rectxt for instant bulk SMS, Checkr for background & referral check, Codu, iMocha, Mettl for candidate assessments. Now go ahead and open doors to superlative candidate and recruiter experience! 

We keep growing this list of integrated apps based on customer feedback of what their teams use and get value from most. No more clunky processes that haunt your HR team!

Freshteam's simple, delightful UI - at your service!

Freshteam is designed with the users at heart and focuses equally on both ‘function’ and ‘experience’, making it a noteworthy Personio alternative. All you need are a few clicks here and there to master the complete tool - with no explainer videos or dedicated online training required. Nothing you want is hard to find, literally.

Use Freshteam’s refreshing user-friendly UI to post jobs, assemble hiring teams, create hiring workflows, and invite your team for collaboration, no matter where they are! The best part: you can do these in just a few minutes.

Why people love Freshteam over Personio

Implementation in minutes

Start with Freshteam's free trial and all it takes are minutes to get the tool set up. Upgrade to a paid plan/downgrade to the free one at any time with just a few clicks. Neither pay extra for implementation nor depend on an implementation manager’s assistance, unlike with Personio.

A truly global HR solution

Unlike Personio’s Europe-focused tool, Freshteam caters to businesses from all over the globe and can be configured for the needs of HR teams in any country. With Freshteam in place, time off for employees in multiple countries can be managed with literally zero hassles! 

No hidden costs

Unlike Personio, Freshteam doesn't come with implementation charges that are excluded from the total price. Also, you pay for Freshteam and get all the key features enabled. You don't have to get additional add-ons that come at an extra cost, which is the case with Personio.

What people say about Freshteam

You can now stop looking for a Personio alternative! 

Be our guest. Explore Freshteam yourself for free. No credit card details required.

Switch to Freshteam | #1 Personio alternative Switch to Freshteam | #1 Personio alternative

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