Freshteam: the best Workable alternative


Why is Freshteam the best Workable alternative?

When choosing a recruitment software, it's important to keep in mind that the software you choose should make your job easier, not harder. Pick the applicant tracking system that can reduce your transactional workload by automating workflows, minimizing tab switches, and introducing contextual hiring collaboration, without costing you a bomb. This way, you can focus on the truly important stuff: finding and hiring great employees.

So, if you’re looking for a Workable alternative that suits your hiring needs, your recruiters, and your wallet, welcome to Freshteam.

Why should you choose Freshteam?

Focus more on recruiting

Our features are built with the understanding of how and why you’d use them. They’re also named and placed in a way that you can find them effortlessly.

Built for context

Freshteam is for everyone involved in the hiring process because when everyone has access to all the information necessary, quick decisions happen.

No arms or legs necessary

With Freshteam, you pay for exactly what you see - no conditional clauses and no hidden charges. P.S - We have a great startup plan.

Easy to set up and try out

Sign up for a free 21-day trial and get started in as little as five minutes. Put the product through its paces and see for yourself how easy hiring can be.

Never wait to reach a human

Our support team is always standing by to help you out, no matter what plan you are on. We have answers right when you need them.

fteam box fteam box
Job advertising to job boards
Resume parsing
Searchable candidate database
Careers page
Workflow automations
Sourcing partner management
Integrations with calendar, email, interview and assessment tools
Rich candidate profiles
Mobile recruiting
Reports and analytics

Acquire. Engage. Hire.

source applicants source applicants
automate common tasks automate common tasks
fteam hiring carousel 4 fteam hiring carousel 4

Acquire. Engage. Hire.

Source candidates from a range of platforms

Job boards. Sourcing partners. Employee referral portal. Social media. One click from the applicant tracking system and you can post to all of these platforms.

source applicants source applicants
Automate common tasks

Work strategically and not transactionally by automating all your common workflows, using Freshteam's Autopilot.

automate common tasks automate common tasks
Keep the hiring team in sync

Collaborate with your hiring team in your applicant tracking software; all your discussions and activities can live in the system and be accessible to everyone.

fteam hiring carousel 4 fteam hiring carousel 4

Can’t find the job board integration you’re currently using on our list?

No problem! While we work on getting the integration up and running for you, we have a great substitute: the Listener. Freshteam’s Listener “listens” to email channels and automagically adds any candidates it finds to the applicant tracking system.

make offers make offers

Easy data migration from Workable

Worried about moving data from Workable to Freshteam? We’ve got you covered. Our team will work with you to migrate your data from your ATS so all of your recruiting data is in one place. This is free no matter where you are, how big you are or what your favorite color is.

Easy data Migration Easy data Migration

They love us. You will too.