Delivering great candidate experience with Freshteam-SignEasy Integration

Did you know, the quality of your hire increases by 70% by simply improving your candidate experience?

It is a candidate driven market out there. The experience you provide to potential candidates and new hires could have a lasting impact, which affects your employer branding and retention rates.

According to a study by Brandon Hall Group, companies that provide a strong and positive onboarding experience to candidates improve their new-hire retention by 82 percent. And for providing an impressive experience, Digitisation is crucial. A Microsoft study shows that 93 percent of millennials look for tech advancements for choosing employers. With numbers that high, you do not want to miss out on your perfect candidate. And we won’t let that happen to you. 

The Freshteam-SignEasy integration lets you digitize your HR processes from end to end, helping you provide a top-notch candidate experience. Right from the moment you hire an employee, till they leave the company, the integration will handle all your paperwork digitally.  Freshteam ATS will help source your candidates from multiple platforms and collaborate with your hiring team in real-time to find the right fit. Once you find the right fit, extend your offer letter using SignEasy. Save the candidates the headache of scanning, printing, and faxing their offer documents. All they need to do is to E-Sign it, and they are done! Candidates can sign documents wherever they are: mobile, web, or a tablet.

Onboarding becomes further easier. Kick start the onboarding process as soon as your candidate accepts the offer. Gather all the information from your new hire and get the NDAs. compensation plans, legal works etc., e-signed via SignEasy. They can also use SignEasy’s Face ID for biometrics based login and document signing, complete with an audit trail.

You don’t have to store the documents at multiple locations, or print the paperwork. Freshteam HRIS would save all the documents under one roof. With timely reminders and updates,  it ensures that your work gets done on time, every time. 

It takes three simple steps to get started:

1. Navigate to Settings > Integrations. Enable SignEasy.


2. Login to your SignEasy account. If you are new to SignEasy, Signup now and get a discount of 40% on both monthly/annual plan on the first year subscription.

Freshteam-SignEasy-integration-step 2

3. Allow Freshteam to access your SignEasy account.


Try out the integration now and provide an experience that your candidates will always cherish.