What is Employee Information Form?

New Employee Information Form is a document that a new hire must accurately fill during the onboarding process. The company may require some employee information forms for their customized records, while the Government may mandate some forms for record-keeping and tax purposes. 

As the company grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep an active track of the old and new employees. This is where the employee information form comes to the rescue, promulgating accurate and relevant data on employees in one solid platform. It simultaneously removes the time-consuming hassle of sending out Google forms, collating information, and storing it in obscure files which are difficult to trace in dire times of need. 

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Importance of Employee Information Form in onboarding


Lengthy onboarding processes can greatly discourage employees and push them towards not accepting the job offer after all. A Glassdoor study confirms that those companies that invest in a positive onboarding experience improve the quality of their new hires by 70 percent. Additionally, those companies with a robust and convenient hiring process improve employee retention by 82 percent.

Collection and verification of vital background information is essential to complete a new hire’s onboarding process. HR can facilitate this process by requiring the employees to fill in an employee information form. Companies must ensure beforehand that a robust employee database software is in place, which allows for standardized employee data collection. 

Of the prerequisite paperwork, employee information forms form an essential piece in the company’s big picture. An Employee Information Form is a crucial Human Resources document that new employees must complete and update. It helps the company or organization keep an ethical and accurate track of employment, maintain records for the HR department and follow the latest employee regulations prevalent in the country. New employee information forms also help the recruits in organizing information for their taxes in an effortless manner. 

What should be included in Employee Information Forms?

A suitable employee information form template must include the following details to create a standardized and comprehensible record of the employees -

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Why is Employee Information Form Required?

Keeping track of new, current, and ex-employees

An influx and outflux of employees constantly govern companies. Employee information forms serve as an important source of human resource information. They provide data on who worked for the company, the duration of their stint, and their respective positions. 


Standardized Record

Large scale and high-growth companies hire a broad spectrum of employees with varied backgrounds. HR employee information form drives standardization into knowing all employees on standard parameters. Record-keeping must have one type of documentation for all, which would vastly ease the organization of data for the HR department, thereby reducing their workload.


Accessing emergency contacts

Employee contact information forms are super helpful to gain swift and timely access to emergency contacts of employees in the event of an untoward workplace injury. It will help trace the employee’s crucial details and serve as an emergency aid if required.

Establishing a connection between the employee and employer

These forms create a robust bridge between the employee and the company. It not only clarifies company policies, compensation, and benefits to new employees but also enables the company to gain a transparent overview of each of their employees. 


Why Freshteam for New Hire Employee Information Form?

Freshteam is your suitable partner for creating new employee information forms. A company’s onboarding process can happen at any time. Therefore, it calls for the company to constantly be on its toes, which can be cumbersome and unnecessarily time-consuming. Freshteam clears all roadblocks in the onboarding process, and the new employees can assimilate comfortably into the company. 

Freshteam’s employee information forms are most sought out for the following reasons - 

Ensures standardization

With Freshteam, all your company records can be in one place and of one type. Freshteam ensures the forms are the same for all employees and easily accessible as well.

Logically Organized

Data often gets lost due to its sheer volume, or unnecessary data gets recorded, leading to a waste of space. With the help of Freshteam, you can say goodbye to searching for files when you most need them in endless redundant platforms. 

Safe Storage

Employee data collected through forms can be extremely sensitive and confidential. Freshteam provides a robust platform that allows for ethical and secure storage of employees’ personal identification information. Safe data practices are a priority for Freshteam.

Room for Updation

The forms are to be completed by new employees within days of their hire. Over the course of their stint with the company, they are prone to evolve. In that case, the self-service feature of Freshteam allows the employees themselves to update their personal or professional information.

Ease of Access

When it comes to employee database software, the relevant stakeholders such as employees, management, and HR must be able to access the files and data easily. Freshteam’s employee information template ensures a hassle-free experience.

Guaranteed Transparency

Freshteam collects only relevant employee information through the forms. Employees will also be ensured of the absolute safety of their information, as it will strictly be undisclosed to non-authorized members of the company.

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