What is an Employee Information System?

Employee Information System, also known as Human resource information system, is used for managing all the employee information under one roof. It includes their personal and professional information, their employment contract, onboarding paperwork, appraisals history, offer letter, and so on. Both employees and HRs can access and edit the data and get an idea of who’s who in the organization using the organization hierarchy present in the employee information system. It is primarily used for payroll processing, people management, and document management by the HR department.

Why should you use an Employee information System?


How to select HRIS software for managing Employee Information:

Select a system that grows with you.
Ensure that the software has multiple pricing plans that you can try out. When your team is small, start with the basic plan with features that satisfy your requirements. As your company grows, experiment with higher plans and try out new features to see what works for you. 

Talk to the Sales and Support team and understand how responsive they are.
Are they willing to provide product demos? Do they reply promptly to emails and chats? Do they offer tutorial videos and help articles. When you plan to use a system long-term, support responsiveness can be a deciding factor.

Have clarity on the features.
Do you want it to help you with applicant tracking, offer management, onboarding, etc.? Should it take care of payroll and performance management? Should it be able to provide limited access to contract and part-time employees? Create a similar list before you get started.

Why choose Freshteam for managing your employee information?

Freshteam can do a lot more than just managing employee information.

Applicant tracking

Right from placing a job requisition till offer acceptance, stay on top of every step of the hiring process. Create approval workflows wherever necessary, automate repetitive tasks, and engage candidates at every stage of hiring.

applicant tracking system freshteam applicant tracking system freshteam

Get started with onboarding the moment a candidate accepts the offer. Send the checklist to the stakeholders and send the onboarding documents to the candidates. Remind them if need be and get them e-signed, avoiding the paperwork hassle on the first day.

onboarding in freshteam onboarding in freshteam
Employee Information System

Freshteam lets you create employee profiles for the new hires, and adds them to the employee database when they accept the offer. You can then immediately send them the employee information forms to be filled over Freshteam, and save all their documents against their employee profile for easy access.

employee information system in freshteam employee information system in freshteam
Paid time-off

Set up holiday calendars for different regions, configure time-off approvals, and create time-off policies that let your employees know that you care for them.

time off requests in freshteam time off requests in freshteam

Sometimes, it is the connection that matters. Along with automation, with Freshteam, you can use multiple job boards, candidate assessment platforms, video scheduling tools, and more.

integrations in freshteam integrations in freshteam

It’s not an empty promise; our customers can prove it