Why you need tools for your Onboarding Process?

First things first, we have to make a message clear for all companies out there.
“We need tools to make Onboarding Process better, manual does not work anymore”

If you are still using manual methods to onboard your new hires, think again. It becomes important now than ever to give an excellent onboarding experience because numerous studies show that the onboarding period is when your new hires decide whether to stay or leave your company. This means exactly what you think, that all your efforts, physically, mentally, and mainly monetarily will see its fruits only if your new hires get an employee experience like no other during the onboarding process. 

Trying to achieve this excellence through manual mode and with no help from intelligent technologies is basically decreasing your chances of being excellent or even mediocre. 

So what does this mean for all the HR folks reading this? We have to use smart tools to make Onboarding effective which directly improves retention rates and thus makes sense for all the effort put in hiring that candidate. 

Here is a list of tools you definitely need to own to excel at your Onboarding Game:

  • Email Automation Tool
  • ChatBot Tool
  • Welcome Kits Tool
  • E-Signature Tool
  • Checklists Tool
  • Employee Database Tool
  • Lessons / Courses Management Tool
  • Survey Tool

Don’t worry, we won’t just list what you need and leave it at that, we will explain why you need these tools in specific and even suggest which software tool out there is probably the best pick for you, but before that, lets quickly look at the different challenges you have to solve in your Onboarding Process.

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Challenges to solve in your Employee Onboarding Process


1. Consistent Communication with the New Hire. 

A huge mistake you can do as part of the Onboarding process is leaving your new hire in the void after offering them a role in your company. You might think, I have given them the job itself, what more is there to communicate. 

Truth is, as studies show, the time between getting the offer and joining day, new hires think a lot about looking for other opportunities and by chance, this also is the time they get approached by many companies. 

So, to make sure they stick with your company and join 15 days later with enthusiasm, communication is the key. Keep in touch with them at regular intervals to develop a bond. This is where your Email Automation Tool can help you

Not sure how to keep up this timed communication? Download our free drip email templates and implement them in your Onboarding Process.

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2. To have Answers all the time. 

Imagine yourself as a new hire in a company. Apart from the excitement, there are a ton of questions in your head, isn't it? And sometimes, they keep popping and you can’t really shoot a mail to the HR for every one of them. 


You think it would be great if someone could give these answers to you without you having to think I am disturbing them - enter BOTS. 

Yes, it's a thing. Employee Onboarding Bots are an actual thing. These are 24*7 available bots that have answers to the most frequently asked questions by new hires, it's a win-win situation, new hires get answers, HR folks get time to do more important things than answering the same questions repeatedly.


3. To get done the tiresome Paperwork 

Do you recall this situation? 

After more than a year in the company and the employee is still not done with Background Verification and he/she is leaving the company and you realize the incomplete Onboarding Paperwork is costing you time in the Offboarding Paperwork. 

This can happen more often than you can imagine, thanks to the manual mode of trying to finish the paperwork. HR folks have pressing issues to attend and sometimes, just sometimes, they can miss running behind that employee sitting on a different floor and block who just won’t show up to sign that NDA form. 

What you really need to do here is send these documents to the new hire during the pre-onboarding period in their welcome kit, get it electronically signed, and check off the task on your onboarding checklist. 

You don’t miss any tasks; you don’t have to run behind the new hire, they don't have to cross oceans to just drop a sign. 

4. Storing the New Hire Information

Previous Employment, Alternate Mail ID, Emergency Contact Number, Compensation Details, Reporting Manager Details, Education, you get the drill. 

When a new employee joins, it means collecting and storing a bouquet of information for HR purposes. Are you going to send out forms, collect it, and then input it into your Database? 

Please say no. If yes, please switch to an Employee Database tool with an employee self-service option that means your employees will fill out all the information required and it will automatically get stored in the database, forever.  

5. Bringing the New Hire up to speed

As much as it is important to give an excellent onboarding experience, it is also important to bring the new hire up to speed with work to bear the actual fruits of hiring them. For this, there might be few courses they have to take, few tools they have to familiarize themselves, few knowledge transfers and all this cannot be done and tracked manually by the manager as efficiently as one might expect, because of obvious reasons like the actual mentor is probably not him/her. 

This is where you use a Learning Management System where you can list all the courses to take, lessons to complete with live tracking, goals, deadlines, and chatbots to help too. 

6. Knowing what went right and wrong 

Even if you addressed all the above challenges, you still cannot conclude that you have given the Best Employee Onboarding experience to your new hires, at least on your own. You need information, proof of confirmation from the new hires themselves to report to your supervisor that your team has just nailed the perfect onboarding process for your company. 

The only way to get this is by asking them, of course. Use surveys in periodic intervals to collect feedback and work backward to improve your process for the upcoming onboardings.

Tools to solve your Employee Onboarding Challenges

And give the best onboarding experience

Email Automation Tool

It is important to have an email automation tool to help you with your drip email campaigns as part of the onboarding process. Welcome Email Drip Campaigns are a sure shot in the onboarding process now and Freshmarketer can be just the right tool for you to use. 

Freshmarketer lets you set up email campaigns, with 100+ free templates to browse. You can also create segments to pool your new hires based on role or location, complete automation of the email campaign by setting up journeys through which you can base the email sent to the employee. 

customer journey customer journey
ChatBot Tool

New Hires will have endless questions and doubts about your company, their role, and all the paperwork thrown at them. It is impractical to shoot an email to the HR every time and also unfair to expect the HR to be available at all times. So, your Onboarding Process needs to have a Bot. 

Moon is an AI-Powered HR Chatbot that you can try for this process. With the option to choose Moon for specific functions like Pre-Boarding & On-Boarding you can get the AI to do exactly what you want in simple steps. Trained by over 100+ HRs to build, Moon is an intelligent AI built exclusively for HR, unlike other chatbots so it comes with accurate HR scenarios that probably even you might miss.

chatbot tool min chatbot tool min
Welcome Kits Tool

Welcome Kits in Onboarding are essential to have where you can attach documents, help books, guidelines, forms, etc., that your new hire can access easily and perform any action required. 

Freshteam is an Employee Onboarding tool that comes with Welcome Kits that you can create and attach to your new hire’s welcome email in just one click. You can have multiple welcome kits with different kinds of documents etc., based on role or location or department. You can also choose what action to perform on the documents attached to the welcome kit, making it easy for you to communicate with the new hire and also track their actions on these. 

screenshot 2020 03 19 at 12 40 11 pm screenshot 2020 03 19 at 12 40 11 pm
E-Signature Tool

One of the important things to automate and digitalize in your Onboarding Process is E-Signature. As part of Onboarding, there might be dozens of documents your new hires and your HR folks, or Managers, have to sign to complete different processes. However, the smarter thing to do would be to invest in a Welcome Kit Tool that comes with E-Sign integration. This way you would save yourself from losing documents in two different tools and also pay lesser than you would when you buy these tools separately. 

Welcome Kit Tools like Freshteam come with the option to send “Documents To Sign” and with more than one E-Sign partner making it easy for you to choose your integration. There are also incentives when you buy an E-Sign tool through Freshteam, making the entire thing a lot easy on your pocket. 

e sign 2x e sign 2x
Checklists Tool

A checklist tool should come with the ability to create checklists with tasks that you can assign to different stakeholders. Not only does this help you keep your stakeholders informed of the responsibilities they have in this onboarding process, but it also develops the ownership skills of the new hire and every other stakeholder involved. 

If you are looking for a feature-rich checklist tool, Freshteam should definitely be your top choice as it combines the checklists with the "Send Reminders" option as part of the welcome kit. This means you send documents, track if it's signed and posted, everything from one place. That sure seems easy, right? 

screenshot 2020 03 18 at 6 46 59 pm screenshot 2020 03 18 at 6 46 59 pm
Employee Database Tool

So, what are all the forms, documents, and procedures for? To collect information about your new employees and ensure you have all the information needed to add them to the company. But, will you collect all the information and manually store it somewhere and then spend hours trying to find one bit of information later? 

Of course not, with an Employee Database Tool you will not collect or store the information. You will set up the fields you want to collect once and forget about it. Employees will self-service and fill the forms and your tool will save the information for you securely forever until you delete it. The Employee Database tool that you can use to get all these features is Freshteam. 

Bonus: Freshteam is an onboarding tool as well, which means you will have one place to have your kits, checklists, E-Sign, and database too. 

screenshot 2020 01 24 at 6 42 56 pm screenshot 2020 01 24 at 6 42 56 pm
Lessons / Courses Management Tool

As part of Onboarding, the actual onboarding into the team which will make the new hire ready to pick tasks and meet goals, they would definitely need to learn a few things, like courses or a new language or some sessions they have to attend to get the knowledge to work their role. Instead of sending this information on an email and hoping for the employee to complete, you can use an LMS - Learning Management System.

LearnUpon is an LMS that comes loaded with features like integration to your HR System, assigning courses to learners, sending out notifications and reminders to learners, a mobile app, self-help learning, and a bunch of guides as well. You can track, record the progress, automate tasks, and schedule due dates, etc. It also comes with an in-build survey that you can use to measure the effectiveness of your training session. 

screenshot 2020 07 29 at 2 42 01 pm screenshot 2020 07 29 at 2 42 01 pm
Survey Tool

It is a firmly believed best practice to measure any effort you put into anything, and the same goes for your Onboarding efforts. Once you use all the above tools and curate a successful onboarding process, and implement it, it is important to measure the effectiveness and success of the process. Use a simple Survey tool like SurveyMonkey to set up surveys that allow multiple users, meaning you can share the survey results across teams involved in the Onboarding process and also do it securely. Send it to your new hires and collect their feedback on your Employee Onboarding Process. 

SurveyMonkey also comes with specialized surveys designed for HR, Employee engagement, etc., making it easy for you to set up your survey. 

screenshot 2020 07 29 at 2 45 13 pm screenshot 2020 07 29 at 2 45 13 pm

Things to consider while buying your Onboarding Tools.

Simple and Interactive UI 

Your employees will largely use any tool for Onboarding, which means it should be simple, intuitive, and easy to use. This would let your employees self onboard to the tool, thus eliminating hand-holding.

Open APIs and Integrations

As we saw, a complete onboarding process requires more than one tool, but it would be impractical to juggle between all of them and manually transfer information across them. So make sure you choose tools that come with open APIs and vast integrations so that you can combine all your tools and make onboarding seamless. 

Dedicated Support

This is a feature most tools don't provide and most buyers easily pass along when making the buying decision, but trust me, once you have paid the bucks and started using the tool, the most important feature you would look out for is Support. A dedicated chat or email + call support should be your top priority while making your buying decision because if not, you would spend money and lose time trying to learn the tool getting nothing useful done from it.  

Free Trial 

Another important feature that most tools don't provide. It is always smart to trial the product before paying for it, so ensure you choose a tool that gives you a free trial, with no credit card attachments, of course. This not only means you get to try your tool before buying, but it also means you are choosing a tool that is transparent and genuine. 

Your Budget

While you try out different tools, chances are you might miss track of your budget, and end up trialing or choosing tools that your company simply cannot afford. Not all tools have open pricing as well, so make sure you choose tools that have transparent pricing so that you can compare it with your budget and make a sound choice. 

Reports and Analytics 

Ensure your tool has good reports and analytics features so that you can simply export them to your board meetings and present numbers to prove how your onboarding process has been working. This is also important for you to timely and easily measure your methods and make tweaks to it. 


Lastly, there are a bunch of quality sites out there that give genuine reviews on these tools, so make sure you get into that sea and come out before making your buying decision. Some common review sites you can refer to are, G2Crowd, Capterra, SoftwareWorld, SoftwareAdvice, etc., 

That’s it, with the best tools for each challenge, and with a checklist of things to consider before buying these tools, all you have to do now is, try these tools and make your Employee Onboarding Process the best in town. 

Happy Onboarding :)

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