New Employee Orientation

New Employee Orientation is the process of welcoming a new employee into the organization. It involves other steps like showing the way around the office for the new employee, helping them understand their role, goals and also acquaint them with their team members and colleagues. 

A new employee orientation program is a systematic process that is performed to welcome new employees onboarded into the organization. It is carried out with proper steps to ensure a meaningful welcome for new employees. 

What is the difference between Onboarding and Orientation?

Though this is yet to be established strongly, onboarding and orientation are different from one another, what is the difference?


Employee Onboarding

Employee Orientation

Onboarding is a continuous and long process that begins as soon as a candidate accepts your offer and goes on up to 90 days after the new employee has joined the organization.

Orientation is part of the onboarding process. It is Day 1 or the first two or three days' events that welcome the new employee into the organization.

It is consistent communication done with the new employee to smoothly bring them into the company and also make them familiar with their role and goals.

The primary purpose of a new employee orientation program is to welcome the new employee, show them the way around, and make them acquainted with your company and their team. It is not a continuous process like Onboarding. 

Importance of Employee Orientation

As mentioned before, Employee Orientation is vital to make your new employees familiar with your company and their role in the first few days of them joining the organization. However, there is more to this gold mine. A good employee orientation program benefits your company in many ways, some of them are: 


  • Establishes a good relationship between the employees and the employer.
  • Increases retention rates as new employees understand where they fit in the company’s vision early on. 
  • Provides all relevant information to the new employee to help him/her do well at their role. 
  • Increases productivity of the organization as each employee is aware of their goals and is facilitated to work for it. 
  • Helps the new employee understand the company culture better. 
  • Good orientation at the start also helps to carry out your complete onboarding process neatly. 

Steps for a Successful Employee Orientation

No two company’s new employee orientation programs are the same. It need not be. But. There are a few steps one should include without fail to make sure their new employee orientation program is successful.



Some Best Practices to keep in mind while the orientation

Apart from the major steps to follow during your orientation program, there are also certain best practices you can implement to take your employee orientation program a notch higher.


Creative and Fun Ideas for Employee Orientation 

Now that you know everything about Employee orientation, let’s implement these steps and best practices in your actual program. There are a few creative ways to go about your employee orientation program. Don’t waste time searching for them. We have an excellent blog that gives you 9 fun things to include in your employee orientation program. 

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