What is an employee profile?

An employee profile provides a holistic story of each member of the company. For a company to perform at its best, extracting employees’ skills to their maximum potential is essential. In order to do so, it is critical to pay attention to the details of each employee. As you know, accessing a large multinational company’s employee information can be a big hassle unless you store profiles in reliable, user-friendly employee profile management software

freshteam-employee-profile freshteam-employee-profile

Gaining traction by embracing employee profiles 

Consolidating Remote Employees

Work from home culture has been taking off since the onset of the pandemic. Thus, employee interaction (which would otherwise have been facilitated through office spaces) is bound to decline drastically. Building employee profiles can solve the missing ‘connect’ and provide a true sense of each person’s personality. Apart from their professional skills, the profiles will include their personal details, which would place the employees in the organization beyond their names and faces. 

Enabling a Robust Network of Employees

A company is bound to thrive and outshine its competitors when supported by a strong team of employees who understand each other. Networking can seem to be overwhelming for a few who are not comfortable with face-to-face interactions. Hence, employee profiles serve as an essential catalyst to create a platform that facilitates professional networking among employees.

Searching for Talent

It has become increasingly difficult for companies scaling up to understand each employee personally. This causes an issue in finding the right candidate for a particular role or promotion. Employee profiles come to the rescue of the top management as it provides a background check of the employees’ professional skills. The talent profile platform completes the task of finding suitable employees in a matter of minutes, which otherwise would have taken weeks to complete. 

Onboarding New Employees

The employee profile provides a standardized template to welcome new employees to the company. For the employees to familiarize themselves with the company and vice versa, it is essential to have an accessible employee profile database in place. 

Cementing KRAs and KPAs through Employee Profiles

A company focusing on strategic growth solidifies its path to success and steady development. In order to enable sustainable growth of a business, it must be regularly supplied with business operations and the knowledge to execute strategies. It is essential to incorporate KRAs and KPAs into one’s regular business activities to implement these strategies in a tangible manner.

KRAs or Key Result Areas are the big picture goals that a company sets out to achieve, varying as per the particular sector to which it belongs. They provide a robust guide into the primary value of a specific job position in the company, through which individual employees can develop their strategic plan of development. It serves as an excellent foundation or parameter for employee performance evaluations. 

KPAs or Key Performance Areas lay more focus on the range of responsibilities that an individual employee possesses. They are functions associated with different job roles within the company - establishing a precise division of power among employees. 

Your company must align the macro path of the business and the micro aspirations of employees. This alignment can be facilitated through an integrated employee profile software that clearly defines each employee’s KPAs and provides a laid-out plan for the systematic growth trajectory of the company. In this way, you can enable your company to organize goals, provide performance appraisals on fairgrounds and execute better decisions based on documented information provided by employee profiles.

Why Freshteam is the right software to manage employee profiles

Freshteam provides robust employee profile software that allows companies to store and track the information of their employees. It includes a wide range of details, including their names, age, education background, salary, duration of their service, job title, etc., which proves essential for the reference of HR personnel. You can also add social links to the profile. The anonymity that comes with remote work is removed easily through these features.

Directories including employee profiles

Growth is usually associated with more employees and greater requirements of management. In this case, handling large sets of employee information must be done systematically. The changes should be traced back easily and prove to be useful when the need arises. Automation is the key to survival in these ‘large-scale’ times. Moreover, the service of Freshteam is free for companies with 50 or fewer employees and comes along with a 21-day free trial!

Freshteam-Employee-Directory Freshteam-Employee-Directory

Organizational charts covering a range of different locations 

Organization charts give a clear picture of the hierarchy within a company (which employee reports to whom). This would be highly important for a company that is large and spread across different geographies. A key aspect would be providing the context of responsibilities spread across employees, enhancing accountability by tracing their tasks. It magnifies visibility within an organization and enables a new employee to figure out who to reach out to for managerial support.

freshteam-org-charts freshteam-org-charts

Managing Time-Offs

Freshteam allows for convenient time-off management, allowing employees to manage their leaves automatically. Time-off can easily be appraised and approved by managers. Managers can also chart out the team trends and execute tasks accordingly.

freshteam-timeoff freshteam-timeoff

Completing a Full Circle

Freshteam manages an employee’s complete work cycle with the company through the onboarding and offboarding modules. From prompt onboarding to hassle-free exit, Freshteam has your back throughout the process.

freshteam-offboarding freshteam-offboarding

Benefits of Freshteam’s Employee Profile Template


Employee data of a company is highly essential to ensure its success. This becomes all the more necessary when working remotely, which calls for a more proactive approach to remain in touch with your employees. Through Freshteam, you can automate the employee profile database management, leaving no room for costly human errors. It may seem daunting to deal with large sets of information, including critical employee profiles, updating them, and ensuring user-friendly characteristics. Still, it can be a breeze with Freshteam’s employee database software.

Self-service platform

The sign of top-notch software is self-service, allowing employees to add and edit their details. This feature of Freshteam saves valuable resources and time. Employees can easily apply for leave, manage their tasks, and store documents. It enhances proactiveness and promptness in updating information while reducing HR workload.

Replace Lengthy Spreadsheets

Manually maintained spreadsheets often lead to costly errors. This can be easily avoided through an automated employee profile template - which stores and processes data legally and ethically. With the automation of HR workflow, in-depth HR analysis can be facilitated, forming a solid base for strategic business decisions.

One Place for All

Put an end to wasting time looking for essential documents in Google Drive. The document vault of Employee Profile provides a one-stop place for collecting and storing all records of employees within Freshteam itself. It is accessible by management and other relevant stakeholders - making it an essential new employee onboarding tool.

Ethical Data Storage

Freshteam provides exclusive access to your employees based on their job roles within the company. It rightfully prevents losing data to the wrong hands.

Increased Transparency

Employee work profile increases visibility within an organization by delving into each employee’s behavior and work patterns. This is facilitated through an analysis of leave trends and illness histories.

Go Paper Free!

With a unified portal of employees, Freshteam’s platform will enable viewing and managing employee data in an organized way. This is the way to go to avoid unnecessary paper clutter.