What is employee recruitment?

Employee recruitment is the process of attracting, sourcing, screening, interviewing, and hiring the right people into the organization. It starts when a hiring manager raises a job requisition either for a backfill or a new role and covers everything until a new hire is successfully onboarded onto the role. 

Employee Recruitment Software Employee Recruitment Software

What is employee recruitment software?

Employee recruiting software enables organizations to digitize, streamline and optimize their recruiting process for hiring success. It is also known by other names such as applicant tracking software, ATS systems, and HR software.

What are the stages in the employee recruitment process?

Identifying open/upcoming positions - In this stage, the hiring managers take stock of resignations, team expansion plans, or new skills required within the team and identify backfills requirements or any fresh upcoming roles that are opening for the first time. They make a list of roles and define the responsibilities for each of these roles.

Raising a job requisitions - Once they have identified the roles, they put down the requirements for that role and pass it on to the HR as a job requisition. During this stage, the recruiters try to build an understanding and set the expectations with the hiring managers.

Creating a job description - The HR then converts the job requisition into a job description that communicates the role and responsibility to prospective candidates. Meanwhile, for fresh roles, they conduct job analysis and improve the job description further to find the best candidate for the role.

Marketing the job - After the job descriptions are ready, the next step is to post the jobs to job boards, career sites, or social channels where candidates will notice them. In this stage, in addition to job ads, they use creatives like videos, brochures and blogs to not only market the job but also the organization, its culture, vision, leadership and more.

Screening applications/resumes - When candidates see the job ad and start applying to the job, recruiters will initiate the selection process with pre-screening - this could be a screening process based on resume or a telephone interview or a written test.

Interviewing the candidates - After the pre-screening the employee recruitment process involves a series of interviews to select the right candidate from the lot. At this stage, the recruiters are usually scheduling back to back interviews with candidates, and collecting feedback from the interviewers.

Facilitating a hiring decision - At the end of all the interviews, the hiring team consolidates the feedback and rating from different interviews and makes a hiring decision based on them. Any negotiations with the candidate before the hiring decision is finalised also happens here.

Rolling out an offer - If the hiring team finds the candidate suitable for the job, the recruiter rolls out an offer to the candidate - usually stating the date of joining, title of the job, joining date and compensation structure. For candidates who don’t make it, a feedback email is sent.

Pre-Onboarding the new hire - A candidate shows his/her willingness to join by signing the offer letter. As soon as a candidate signs the offer letter, the recruiter initiates pre-onboarding which includes all the forms and formalities for the candidate to finish,  a plan for their first day and what they can look forward to.

What is an employee recruitment strategy?

Employee recruitment strategy is a well-chiseled plan, laid out by recruiting teams to attract, interview, and hire superstars for the organizations. It takes into consideration the different elements that will influence recruiting such as internal and external communication channels, workflows and processes, job marketing ideas, the key success indicators, and so on.

Employee recruitment strategies for real hiring success

Use smart candidate sourcing techniques 

Start right at the beginning of the process, improve or reinvent your candidate sourcing techniques to stand out from the competition and attract the best talent with breeze like ease. This may mean reevaluating the channels you are sourcing from, the methods you are using to contact and attract candidates on different channels, and honing your overall candidate search capabilities.

Embrace the power of HR technology

The key to hiring success is finding the right people and finding them on time - without the right tools, you will be working on roles that were supposed to be filled weeks or months ago. Employee recruitment software can help speed up and streamline the whole recruitment process via one system. It can help you declutter and make room for strategies that drives business wins.

Do not underestimate the power of employer branding 

Everything you do right from the language you use in your job adverts to the final feedback you give a candidate after their interviews, speaks volumes about who you are as an employer. So it’s important that employers recognize the different touchpoints in the hiring process and make an effort to positively impact it - Highlight and share culture stories, don’t just ask for skills in your job description but emphasize the values you look for in a person, above everything, make sure that you demonstrate through actions what your brand really means.

Leverage employee referral programs 

Referrals are gold. They bring down your hiring costs, tap into quality talent, and in the long run, visibly improve employee retention rates. If you use employee referral software, you can make it smooth for employees to suggest people they know for open roles and track the status of the referrals on the portal itself - it’s a great way to build a thriving pool of candidates that you can turn to when new roles open up.  

Measure and iterate 

Define your goals, challenges, methods, and key performance indicators! That’s a starting point. Set up tracking to see what’s working for you and what’s not. Act on the information and insights you derive. Start with the vital metrics - cost-per-hire, time-to-hire, quality-of-hire, interviews-per-hire, offer acceptance rate, etc.

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