Why is it important to ask the right exit interview questions?

  • Exit interviews tell you why exactly employees are leaving your organization. Employees who are leaving the organization have no reason to hold back their honest feedback. 
  • Is it because they are not getting enough responsibilities? or because they are not being recognized for their work? Or is it the upper management? It will uncover dysfunctionality that is not publicly known and help make work life easier for current and future employees. 
  • Exit interview questions are not binary questions. They are mostly open-ended questions that are open to discussions. It will give more clarity to the issues and ask for opinions and suggestions.
  • You have proper data to report to your management. By asking proper questions, you notice a pattern that is causing attrition. Once you identify the pattern, you can work on the solution and effectively curb attrition. 
  • It helps reduce the liability between the outgoing employee and the employer, since it will list out obligations that both parties might have during an exit.
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14 must-ask Exit Interview questions: 

Make your exit interviews insightful with these 14 must ask, interactive questions.

Why should you focus on Exit Interviews?

Exit interviews have the potential to help you enhance your company culture, retain your best employees, reduce attrition, improve employee experience, increase revenue and a lot more. All of that depends on the data you are able to gather, which ultimately depends on the questions you ask. Therefore, it is of paramount importance that you have clarity on what you are seeking from your exit interview, and frame questions accordingly. 

These 14 questions are a great way to start your exit interviews, but do not limit your interviews to these questions. Have open, honest discussions, follow up questions, so that the departing employee feels that you are really listening to them. They might have had a bitter experience, but their exit can be made memorable by genuinely hearing them out. That is ultimately the success of exit interviews.