What is Exit Interview Software?

Exit interview software helps you manage the whole exit interview process, from the start to the finish. This includes exit interview paperwork, collecting feedback from the departing employee and the managers, sending offboarding checklists and timely reminders to the stakeholders, gathering turnover data and so on. For a deeper understanding on how effective exit interviews should be done, check out our go-to guide for exit interviews.

Is it necessary to have Exit Interview software for your business?

Exit interviews have been happening for a long time, and companies have done them without the help of Exit interview software. Then, how does exit interview software help?

When companies are busy developing strategies for their growth, it becomes difficult for the HR team to dedicate their time to manage offboarding tasks efficiently. That’s where Exit interview software comes in. They can take care of all the redundant tasks while the HR team and the managers spend their time on providing a meaningful exit interview experience. 
Further, exit interview software provides insights on the turnover rates of the company. This will help you identify reasons why employees leave your organization and take measures to make your star employees stay.

What features to look for while selecting Exit Interview software?

Exit interviews are usually a part of a larger offboarding process. While exit interviews are a more personalised, one-on-one process, exit interview software will take care of all the repetitive tasks in the background. These include:

Handle resignation requests and approvals:

HR managers and supervisors can use this software to raise resignation requests and get them approved in no time.

Send exit surveys and schedule exit interviews:

It is important to know why your employee has chosen to leave. The HR team can use this software to send exit surveys and schedule interviews at a time convenient for the employees.

Manage all offboarding paperwork and collect e-signatures:

There has to be a way wherein all the exit information details are collected and documented with ease, in a fast, efficient and secure manner.

Send an offboarding checklist to the stakeholders:

Let the stakeholders know about offboarding tasks such as revoking software access, manager feedback, returning devices and other exit obligations.

Send timely reminder emails to facilitate the exit of the employee:

When your employee is leaving, they have multiple things on their plate. As a result, send timely reminders with polite messages, ensuring that they have a smooth exit. 

Identify turnover trends in your organization:

What are some of the common causes for employee turnover in your organization? Is it from a particular department? Is it due to mismanagement? Identify such trends using HR reports and take appropriate action.

How does Freshteam differ from other Exit Interview Software?

A complete offboarding package

Right from the moment an employee submits their resignation papers until they leave the organization, Freshteam will take care of the entire process. Collect exit interview feedback, schedule personal interviews, send offboarding checklists and do a lot more.

Best exit interview software - offboarding package Best exit interview software - offboarding package
Gather insights about all your HR processes

With Freshteam reports, you stay on top of your metrics all the time. Identify your star recruiter, see which department is hiring the most, check how much you spent on hiring last quarter and so on, with Freshteam’s curated and custom reports.

Best exit interview software - Freshteam reports Best exit interview software - Freshteam reports
A reliable assistant, from hiring to retiring 

From hiring to offboarding, Freshteam will manage all your employee data with ease. Store all your employee data, onboard them effectively, and make them feel at home in no time and provide a smooth exit.

Best exit interview software - manage employee data Best exit interview software - manage employee data
Make life easy for your employees

With the Employee self service feature, your employees can update their personal data, access their documents, look for employees on org charts, apply for time off, refer their friends for jobs, and do a lot more. 

Best exit interview software - employee self service Best exit interview software - employee self service

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