Applicant tracking system

Source, interview, and hire great candidates.

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Connect candidate sourcing channels

Source candidates from job boards, career sites, vendors, employee referrals, social media and so on.

Mini hiring workflows

Create custom workflow stages, add a hiring team, interview scorecard, application forms and workflows for every job.

Candidate 360

Everything you need to know about a candidate - resume, emails, interaction history, interview scores, feedback and notes - in one place.

Collaborate and hire

Schedule interviews, invite panel members, leave comments and feedback for each other, with the ability to keep track of all information clearly.

Smart Automations

You can define automation rules for every job in a granular ‘event, condition, action’ manner.

Integrated email conversations

Sync and view every exchange between the hiring team and a particular candidate by navigating to the ‘Conversations’ tab in Candidate 360.

Collect structured feedback

Don’t make decisions based on anyone’s gut feelings; use interview scorecards to rate candidates against established criteria.

Make offers

Make and manage offers, from Freshteam. You can configure offer fields, generate offer letters and even record candidate decisions.


Connect with your new hires even before they join.

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Proactively onboard

Initiate the onboarding even before they come onboard. Get done with all the form filling and document submissions and save their first day for getting to know their peers and the team instead.

Get documents signed 

Hand out the important documents, get them signed and collect them back in a few clicks. All collected information will be available on the employee’s profile.

Create tasks and track them

Collaborate with your IT, HR admin, or other teams by creating, assigning, and following up on tasks that are a part of the new hire onboarding.

Send reminders

Nudge your new employees to fill out their must-fill forms with subtle reminders to make sure you have all the information you need as you onboard them.

Employee Information System

Give your team a single point of reference for all employee information.

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Capture all kinds of employee info

Freshteam allows you to quickly build and customize forms to collect employee information by simply dragging and dropping form fields. You can choose to show/hide the form fields for specific teams or offices.

Rich employee profiles

All information collected from the employees can be accessed on their employee profiles in Freshteam. Having everything in a single, findable place just makes life easy.

Create and maintain org charts

Every growing organization needs a ‘Who’s who chart’. It helps learn names, see titles, understand where one stands in the corporate structure or simply find out whom to reach out to for what.

Time Off

Track, approve and manage all paid time off in one place.

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Time off policies that understand how businesses work

Freshteam enables you to create and implement time off policies for a work week, holiday calendar and leave accrual frequency, that’s specific to your company.

Custom policies that work for all your teams

You can create and use multiple time-off policies and map them to specific locations, teams, departments or shifts across the organization.

Manager approval workflows

All requested leaves can be run by the manager for approval. This helps individuals, teams and especially managers track leaves and plan their work weeks.

Time off reports and insights

There are a wide range of things you can do with Freshteam’s time off insights - spot/fix absenteeism trends, foresee leave trends, review/optimize leave policies, etc.

Mobile App

Download the Freshteam Mobile App available on iOS and Android.

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Hassle-free Recruitment Process

You can Email candidates, submit Interview feedback, move candidates across stages, observe the complete course of your hiring process from the comfort of anywhere through the Freshteam Mobile app.


Agile way to handle Time-off

Whether you are applying for quick time-off for yourself or in the place to approve/decline someone’s request, make it all work in just a few taps with the Freshteam Mobile App.


Easy access to Employee Records

Freshteam Mobile app lets you and your employees have access to crucial information from anywhere. Pull up any employee and you will have complete information on them from Date of Joining, Reporting Manager to Contact in a few seconds.