What is Absence Management Software?

Absence Management Software is a tool used by HR personnel to identify the different time-off trends in their organization to locate absenteeism trends, if any, and uproot the cause at the earliest possible.

The tool helps in maintaining a company where employees do not feel drained or underutilized, which are some major reasons for absenteeism. It helps to identify such situations early on and take necessary action to fix them. It helps maintain a happy working environment. 

Common Features in Absence Management Software

Absence Management Software handles your time off, that is your company’s leave management through which it gives insights into your absenteeism patterns. So, some core features you should look out for in Absence Management Software are: 

Ability to set up multiple Time-off Policies 

As a growing or well-established company you would not stay in one time-off policy for a long time. If you have a global audience for your company, you will have teams working for different time zones, which means you need different time-off policies to suit each region your employees work for. So, go for absence management software that lets you create multiple time-off policies and map your employees to each of them. 

Time-off Approval

Recording all the time-off applications, approvals, and rejections in a sheet or different software? Trying to merge data with your absence management system to figure out absenteeism trends? Please, stop. Get absence management software that inbuilt time-off management.. That is, your employees can apply for time-off using it and the concerned individuals can approve or decline it, while the software records it all. 

Holiday Calendars and Workweek

It goes without saying that your absence management software needs Holiday calendars and workweeks inbuilt, especially if you have multiple time-off policies. Which means you would need multiple regional holiday calendars. There are tools in the market that come inbuilt with 21+ holiday calendars of different countries across the globe, making the job easier for everyone involved. 

Team Calendar and Availability

The major reason you are going to invest in an absence management system is that it can tell everyone in the team what is happening on the time-off front in your company. So, one feature that is a must-have is Team Calendar where everyone can see who is in and out for the day and make work plans accordingly. This will also give HR personnel or the manager a quick bird's-eye view of the team’s overall performance in terms of absenteeism or overworking. 

Reporting and Analytics

The most essential feature you should look out for in your absence management software is Reporting and Analytics. This gives you the ability to analyze the time-off trends recorded and take action as required. Tools with inbuilt analytics also come with inbuilt charts, parameters, and fields that make analyzing and reporting as easy as just dragging and dropping widgets. 

Benefits of using Absence Management Software

Absence Management Software can help you maintain your absenteeism pattern, is that it? Definitely not. Using Absence Management Software in your organization has more benefits. Here is a list to convince anyone to implement one in their company immediately. 

Helps you put Employees First

Absence Management Software can help identify what’s bothering your employees. Why are they not taking off at all, or why are they taking off every Tuesday. You figure out any underlying issue and fix it by making your employees happy.

Increases Retention Rates

Happy employees mean loyal employees who stay with the company longer. Absent Management Software helps you keep your employees happy. Which means they will stay in the company longer and maybe also promote it and create a good employer image. 

Opens up and Improves Communication

When you are looking to resolve a critical issue like Absenteeism, it opens up a new line of communication and transparency among employees and employer leading to a better culture. 

Helps in Boosting Productivity

When employees don’t feel demotivated or burned out, they work better, contribute better, think better, and hence the overall productivity of the company skyrockets.

More Profit

Happy employees = Happy Customer = Profits. The ultimate end of this chain of benefits is that the company grows well and profits which leads to business developments. It becomes a win-win-win scenario for the employee, customer, and the company. 

Freshteam Absence Management Software

Looking for affordable yet powerful Absence Management Software? Let me tell you why Freshteam is the tool you are looking for.

Time-off Policy

Freshteam helps you set up time-off policies in less than 5 minutes with its amazing features + it lets you have multiple policies for multiple zones. 

Easy Approval Flow

Employees can apply for time-off from Freshteam and it will automatically notify the manager or concerned person, who can approve or decline it with reason. It will be notified to the employee and his team members. It is all one flow working in unison to achieve maximum efficiency. 

In-depth Reports and Analytics

Freshteam is probably only one of the few Absence Management Software that comes with advanced analytics and reporting capabilities. You literally have to do nothing, the software itself comes with 6+ curated reports that will give you what you need to solve your challenges. 

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