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Freshteam’s Autopilot helps you automate routine recruiting tasks like screening, emailing and follow-ups! You can configure it to execute every time a predefined condition is met; improve efficiency, speed up hiring, and help fill open positions a lot faster.

auto pilot auto pilot

Automate candidate screening

You can now automatically reject candidates who do not meet your must-have-criteria. The Autopilot can be configured to automatically reject candidates based on information in their application form such as location, skills, or education. This will help screen huge volumes of applicants quickly, saving a lot of time.

Get back to your candidates a lot quicker, improving their candidate experience, and hire them faster too.

manage applicants manage applicants

Reject or advance candidates based on test scores

When candidates reach a certain stage in the interview process, you can require Autopilot to automatically send them a test. Following that, it can also reject them or advance them to further stages based on their test scores.

candidate send test candidate send test

Archive impressive candidates to talent pool

While rejecting candidates, you can decide to archive them to the talent pool based on certain criteria. For example, you can create an automation routine which archives rejected candidates if they are overqualified. Additionally, the Autopilot can also suggest another appropriate job and even notify the candidate.

archive candidates archive candidates

Trigger webhooks to update other systems

Use the Autopilot to trigger webhooks to update other systems influenced by your recruiting decisions. For instance, when a candidate is hired, you can ask your Autopilot to immediately trigger a webhook to notify your HRMS of the candidate’s details.

update hrms update hrms