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View your emails inside Freshteam

When you connect your mailbox with Freshteam, all of your candidate conversations get automatically synced to your applicant tracking system (ATS). This way, no emails get lost or forgotten and you don’t have to keep constantly switching between your inbox and your recruiting software.

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Transparent candidate communication

Every email exchange between a recruiter and a candidate or a hiring team member and a candidate gets recorded in your online recruiting software. This means that the hiring team and admins will be able to view any and all candidate engagement emails. So, even if another recruiter were to hop on board, the switch will be as painless as possible. You can also keep some conversations confidential by marking them as private and restricting their visibility.

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Keep everyone in the loop

Why waste time sending out status updates when your applicant tracking system can do it for you? Freshteam automatically sends out email notifications for significant events in the hiring process -
a new application, when an interview is scheduled, when a panel member submits feedback, when an offer is made. This way, everyone is up to date all the time.

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Get organized with tasks

When you manage your tasks from your recruitment management system, you don’t have to switch tabs to figure out what you should be doing next. You can just navigate to the tasks tab and see the status of your to-do list and the tasks you’ve assigned to other members of your team. The best part? You can create candidate-specific tasks as well so that the entire hiring team knows what needs to be done on a candidate-by-candidate basis.

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Other features

Create emails templates

Find yourself typing out the same email over and over again? Save the email as a canned response and just insert it in whenever necessary. You can even personalize the content with dynamic placeholders.

Schedule emails

Some emails need to go out at specific times. You can’t send a candidate a rejection email even as they walk out of your office. Your email goes out when you decide it.

Use bulk actions to clear your queue

Work more efficiently, with bulk actions. Add tags for multiple profiles, advance multiple candidates to the next stage, archive applicants to the talent pool, send emails and more.

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