All Features ATS Candidate Management System
What’s a candidate management software?

A candidate management software redefines your relationships with candidates. It starts tracking your candidates right from when you first contacted them until forever. You know where they are in the process, what’s happening with them, the last communication which was sent out, the status of the candidature, the history you share with them, etc. 

Look around. Every star performer, that hard working guy in IT, the always-keeps-his-cool guy in customer support, your favourite sales guy, were all once your candidates. And the candidates you hold today have the potential to turn into a valuable employee. That’s why you need to treat your current candidates with finesse. 

Managing your candidates like a pro with Freshteam

The Freshteam applicant tracking system offers the perfect candidate management capabilities for any growing business. It’s a great reason to say goodbye to your color-coded spreadsheets or other broken software.

Streamline all candidate inflow

With Freshteam you can post your jobs to multiple channels such as job boards, social channels, career sites, email, vendors, etc from one interface. The best part? All applicants will automatically flow into the recruiting software as candidates. They’ll be tagged by a source and medium that tells you which channel they come from.

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Get to know your candidates in a minute 

The candidate 360 gives you a bird’s eye view of everything about the candidate in minutes - Resume, contact information, interviews scheduled for them, any feedback already submitted by your peers, tasks assigned to them, all existing communication, a timeline of interactions and more.

Whether it’s before, during, or after the interview, the candidate 360 has got your back.

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Save candidates for later

Serendipity is every HR’s dream - right candidates meeting the perfect roles just on time. However in the real world, very often, great candidates come by and may not be a perfect fit for any of your current roles. The Freshteam talent pool enables you to archive their information and build a relationship with them until the right opportunity comes up.

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Find out what you can do better 

A report for everything you need to know about your candidates so you can do better with them. Here are a few to open your imagination to the possibilities.

  • The average time spent at each interview stage

  • The number of candidates processes in the current week or month

  • Total number of interviews, interview duration, status of interviews, etc

  • Interview decisions made in a given duration

  • Trends in candidates being added to the talent pool

What’s special about Freshteam?

A UI that truly gets you

A million little things that tell you that we really thought about you - Kanban boards, candidate 360s, interview scorecards, a swift and smart interview scheduling,  easy-to-interpret reports and more. 

A team that runs with you

A stellar support team that values you and takes the time to understand your business and needs not just during your trial, the first few months or when there is scope for an upgrade, but always. 

At a pricing that no one beats

Four different but equally powerful plans that businesses can pick from - they are straightforward and laid out in the open on our pricing page. Even better, you can start with a 21-day trial before you decide to pay.

The complete picture

Freshteam is a detail-rich applicant tracking system but that's all. There's more to Freshteam. In the bigger picture, Freshteam is a HR software that enables growing businesses to attract, hire, and onboard top talent. It also comes with  HRIS and time off management capabilities.  Here's a quick peek.

New hire onboarding

Making first impressions that matter - onboarding kits, checklists and workflows for your team,  and reminders that ensure onboarding completion. 

Time off management

The easiest way to communicate a time off policy to your organization and empower individuals and teams to manage their paid time off.

Employee database 

The virtual vault in which all employee information and documents are categorised and stored, securely for appropriate people to reference.