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What  is a candidate screening software?

Turning resumes into star employees is no easy deal. You have tons of resumes, interviews, emails, feedback, scores and opinions to deal with. Screening takes time. Hence, money. A candidate screening software helps streamline the whole screening process and represent it on a single system, eliminating chaos and restoring efficiency.

The Freshteam applicant tracking system offers candidate screening and candidate management tools which helps accelerate your candidate screening process - resume parsing tool, custom application forms, smart interview scheduling, interview kits, communication control, reports and insights, and more.

Screening candidates with Freshteam


Screening resumes 

Resumes flooding in? Fret not. Freshteam will parse resumes in minutes and turn them into light-weight candidate profiles on the system that are simpler to surf through and filter.

There are times when resumes don’t cut it. Let’s say, you require information that’s not usually present on a resume like visa information or willingness to relocate, or you intend to collect only vitals and deal-breakers so you can screen faster. That's where custom application forms can help.

drag and drop resume 2x drag and drop resume 2x


Screening real people

Coordinating back-to-back interviews for hours without losing the smile on your face can be hard. Enter Freshteam’s smart interview scheduling. From a single screen, you can check for the interviewer's availability through a Calendar sync and schedule interviews with candidates. The best part? You can set up automations that notify all concerned folks when an interview is scheduled.

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Debriefs and decisions

All candidate information is available in one place called the Freshteam candidate 360. The hiring panel can leave comments (both public and private), feedback, ratings etc, while surfing the resumes and meeting candidates. Candidate 360 records all the information for easy accessibility. Lesser hustles, Lesser hassles.

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Pipeline reports

At the end of the day, the Freshteam recruitment software also gives you a bird's eye view of what’s happening in your candidate pipeline and pin-point’s all scope for improvement. Some examples include:

  • Time consumed at each interview stage
  • Time to hire for different roles
  • Quality of candidates based on different sources
  • Time to hire based on source
pipeline reports freshteam pipeline reports freshteam

How does Freshteam stand out 

Support you can count on

A team that’s always there when you need them, on a rainy day, on a sunny day, or on a gloomy morning, anytime.

Straightforward pricing

Freshteam has four different plans, at an honest and upfront pricing that’s affordable, and stays affordable as you grow. 

A welcoming UI

Within minutes of setting the product up, you and your team will be acing the hiring game, screening at rocket speed.

The whole story

Fresteam is more than just an applicant tracking tool. It’s a perfect HR software for growing businesses which covers applicant tracking, new hire onboarding, time off tracking and employee database management system in one single system.

New hire onboarding

It can’t be any easier - onboarding kits, esignatures, to-do lists and the ability to assign them to respective stakeholders, all in one place.

Employee database 

The one place to save all your employee information and documents securely. No just that, you also control who views or edits it.

Time off tracking

Time off policies, approval workflows, work weeks, holiday calendars, and everything you’ll ever need to manage paid time off.

They love us. You will too