Electronic Signatures are the new productive way of getting your work done. From offer letters, acceptance letters to legal documents, all necessary actions required during the onboarding for your new employee can be done a lot quickly and efficiently with E-sign. 

An electronic signature software like Freshteam not only increases the productivity rates, but it also helps in saving trees, cuts cost spent on physical documents and the precious time of your employees and HR folks.

Your Electronic Signature Software Comes with,

Mobile App

Perform quick and on the go HR actions with Freshteam’s intuitive Mobile App.

Endless Integrations

From Job Boards, Calendars, Emails to Online Tests and Communication tools, Freshteam comes with 10+ integrations. 


Freshteam also has a dedicated offboarding module where you can create tasks, re-assign exiting employee tasks and terminate employees smoothly.

Why Freshteam should be your Electronic Signature Software?

Save trees, save time. 

When you integrate with SignEasy in Freshteam, you get to send an infinite number of documents to your new hires and get them all signed in no time. Save time from taking print outs, making copies, checking every page and chasing your new hires.

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Get Instant updates and take instant actions.

The stage of the document is instantly updated once the new hire signs it and you can then move on with the next steps of the onboarding process in a breeze. And if the new hire has not signed the document yet, you can always resend the document or send a reminder to get your task done.

screenshot 2020 03 16 at 5 15 05 pm screenshot 2020 03 16 at 5 15 05 pm

Get more than signatures filled from your new hires.

With SignEasy and Freshteam, you can get more than only electronic signatures from your new hires. Entire onboarding documents can be filled and finished as they can fill text, phone numbers, Initial, Names, etc.

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