Day 1 in a new company is always exciting. The different sessions that put things in perspective, meeting new people, and getting all the office goodies marking the new hire as part of the family. Day 1 is very special to the new hire and to the HR who takes care of it. Companies are striving to make a mark on their first day to increase retention rates and attract more talents. 

So when HR is concentrating on making the first day unique and amazing, how does one take care of getting all the boring but important information from the new hire? Enter Freshteam with its smart onboarding kit.

Before diving into the kit, let’s see what more Freshteam has to offer

Easy Setup

Freshteam is a powerful software with a simple UI that makes it easy to setup and onboard into the software in a matter of minutes.

Simple Selfhelp

Our support portal is loaded with help articles that will guide you through the product effortlessly clearing all your doubts on the way.

Mobile App

Freshteam comes with an Android and iOS app making it easy for you, your employees and anyone involved in the HR actions of your company.

Freshteam’s Onboarding Welcome Kit

Get and Give all information before Day 1

Freshteam’s Onboarding Welcome Kit comes with layers that make it easy for you to get all basic information about your new employee like a picture, email, etc., You can also share information to your new hire on what their job role is, whom they can contact for help on Day 1 and any other information you like to add.

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Share files in a click

Share all documents necessary to begin the process of onboarding to your new hire before Day 1 as part of your welcome kit. You can attach forms to be signed, and get them e-signed making the whole process simple. You can also share any important information you want the new hire to know about your company as part of the kit. 

Bonus: You can also specify the action the new hire has to perform with the document.

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Complete your onboarding process from one place

Send the kit to the new hire with an amazing welcome email. Use placeholders and create a template that you can use for all new hires saving you a ton of time from curating the same email again and again. Brand your company and the culture in the first email itself. 

Bonus: You get a preview of the email to know how your new hire feels.

screenshot 2020 03 19 at 12 40 11 pm screenshot 2020 03 19 at 12 40 11 pm

Other features of Freshteam

Applicant Tracking System

Get the best recruitment tool for your recruiters to help them hire the best talents for your company. Freshteam ATS comes with multiple integrations, interview scheduling, online tests, easy collaboration, talent pool and much more.

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Timeoff Management

Simple policies, customizable rules, and workflows, easy approvals, efficient tracking, and intelligent team management - all come with Freshteam.

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Human Resources Information System

Smart way to collect and store all employee information, help employees know their colleagues, find information to work better and know who’s who of the company.

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