What is an Employee Onboarding Software? 

Employee Onboarding Software is a proactive way to get your new hires inside your company before their first day. With an onboarding system like Freshteam in place, you can take care of all the mundane tasks of joining a company for your new hire. From submitting endless documents to signing multiple forms, the first few days of onboarding are sure to put the excitement down. How to beat this? Enter Employee Onboarding Software. 

Send documents to sign, collect all documents and forms online before Day one. Collaborate with your IT Team, HR Team and the Manager to ensure all tasks and requirements are done for the new hire to ensure a smooth first day. With all formalities aside, give your new hire an awesome onboarding that becomes hard to forget. Get your employee onboarding software right to get your culture right. 

Why use employee onboarding software - Benefits

Onboarding software eases the burden for the HR team. With onboarding software, there’s a systematic approach to onboarding that can work by itself, for example, 

 and so on.
An automated, well-planned onboarding experience leaves a lasting impression on the candidate that will help with employee retention. When all the operational tasks are taken care of, it gives more time for HR to provide a meaningful, memorable employee experience. To dive deeper:

Provide a memorable onboarding experience to new hires on their Day 1

Kick start your onboarding process right from the moment the candidate accepts the offer. Send them an intro email, start working on the onboarding checklist, get all your paperwork e-signed, and so on. By doing so, your new hires do not have to face a mountain of paperwork on their first day. Instead, they spend time socializing and knowing their peers.

Leave a lasting first impression with Self onboarding

Onboarding is not just the paperwork, it is also the experience. When your new hires experience an automated, self-serving onboarding experience, it also talks about what lies ahead in the company,  

Onboard new hires seamless and make them feel at home

Ensure that all the stakeholders are aware of the onboarding process, send timely reminders, and get all the devices and approvals in place so that the new hire is up to speed and not kept waiting on their new job.

Who uses Onboarding Software?

Companies of all sizes and belonging to all industries can benefit from having onboarding software in place. It is particularly useful for small and growing companies where employee retention is important for company growth and directly impacts the bottom line. 

Features to look for in Onboarding Software

Some of the basic features to look for in Onboarding Software include: 

Why choose Freshteam as your Onboarding System?

Instant Answers

With a dedicated support team in place, you can never be clueless with Freshteam, help is always around the corner. 

Onboard effortlessly 

Sign up and forget about it. We will take care of all your information and the smooth transition to your new hire Onboarding Software. 

Play Smart

With our open API's you can easily integrate your onboarding software with any other application needed in a matter of a few seconds. 

Onboard even before they step in

Freshteam allows you to put together and send an onboarding kit - documents to sign, forms-to-fill, security policies or handbooks to be shared, all in a few clicks. This way you don’t have to worry about manual data entry and uploading documents to the system on the first day. Your new employees can just fill out the form, at their convenience before they come in, and spend their first day just getting to know the company and their new colleagues.


Send reminders

When there is a form to be filled, there are always people who will procrastinate. Send friendly nudges to new employees to get them to finish filling out the form so that you have all the information you need.


Tasks and ability to track them

Automatically assign and track tasks that IT, HR, an admin or anyone has to complete as a part of new hire joining. For example, you can create and assign a task to ensure that your new hire has a buddy on Day 1.

Employee offboarding

You can smoothly off-board employees, manage the tasks and get the people concerned on the same page. Even if you miss, Freshteam will automatically remove the employee after the termination date. 

Electronic signatures

No more chasing lost forms or missing signatures. Simply get your onboarding forms and documents E-signed with the Freshteam- SignEasy Integration. It’s safe and fast.

Before and After Onboarding, we got you covered.

Always recruit the best

Lose focus on boring tasks and concentrate on finding your next best talent. Post jobs across channels, schedule interviews, collaborate with the team, automate processes and do much more with the Freshteam ATS.

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Human Resources Information System

Gather employee data, manage employee information, view org charts, find who's who in the company and contact collegues in just one click - all this and more with Freshteam's HRIS. 

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Easy Time off Management

With Freshteam as your HR Onboarding Software, you get an excellent time-off management system along where you can track your employee time-off without discrepancies. Your employees can also apply time off in one click, managers can approve or decline, view the team's availability, etc., 

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