What is Employee Referral Software?

Employee Referral Software is a tool that enables the employees of a company to contribute to their company’s hiring process. The tool lets employees refer candidates from their circle or network who they think will be perfect for a job role in their company. 

Employee Referral Software comes with features like easy referrals, resume uploading, status tracking, and more.

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What are the benefits of using Employee Referral Software? 

The practice of employees referring candidates they know for job openings at their company, has been going on for a long time. Any employee recommendations for a job opening is called Employee Referral but in olden days this was not structured and happened quite informally. However, in recent times, recruiters and companies have understood the value and importance of Employee Referrals. It helps the company to hire like-minded people who will work well together and help the company grow. An Employee Referral software is the birth child of adopting the referral system aggressively.

Any system or tool always helps in facilitating a process, and Employee Referral Software is no different. 

Let’s be specific, how exactly does Employee Referral Software benefit a company?

Faster Employee Referrals 

When a tool is in place, employees can easily see open jobs, discover a good fit from their connections, upload a resume, mention a few lines about the candidate, and be done with it. No need to run behind an HR anymore. 

Easy Tracking of Employee Referrals

Be it for the recruiter or the employee, they can easily track the status of the candidate from the tool. An employee can see where the candidate stands, and the recruiter can analyze the profiles they receive and match them easily to the right jobs. 

Archive Good Talent for Later

Even if the referred candidate is not a right fit now, employee referral tools store the candidate information safely and a recruiter can easily access it and map to a job when required. 

Brings Transparency to the Employee Referral Program 

A tool brings transparency to the process. No more putting in an extra word or giving partial benefits. Who fits, gets.

Ease of use

The right tool should not only be intelligent, robust and smart but should also be easy to use, have a great design and an intuitive interface. Employees should be able to refer their friends and colleagues without any hassle.

Features of good Employee Referral Software

Employee Referral is an amazing way to find the best candidates, however, you need the right tool to assist and enable you. Don’t spend time searching for one, because all you need is right here with Freshteam.


One-click Referrals

Freshteam lets your employees refer candidates in one click. All they need to do is see the entire list of published jobs available in your company and click on “Refer a Candidate” to refer someone. 

Once they upload their resume, Freshteam will automatically extract and fill in all the information and add the candidate to the recruitment pipeline.

Employee referral software free Employee referral software free



Meticulous Tracking


Your employees can know the status of their referrals from their Freshteam Dashboard in one glance. Stage, Recruiter, Job Status, and last updated date - everything one needs to know is right there. 

Free employee referral tool Free employee referral tool


Precious Talent Pool


Not able to find the right fit for a referral but don’t want to miss the candidate either? Worry not. You can archive the profile to Freshteam Talent Pool, where their information is safe and secure. When you find the right fit, you can reach out to the candidate with one click. 

Bonus: Freshteam suggests profiles that are suitable for a job posting from the talent pool intelligently when it finds a match. 

best employee referral software best employee referral software


Free trial and Transparent Pricing


Freshteam comes with a 21-day free trial with no credit card requirement where you can use the software in any plan you want. Post that, you can decide with full confidence which plan best suits your needs as our pricing is open and upfront. No hidden charges behind our features. What you see is what you get.

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Anything you add, store or maintain in Freshteam stays in it. We provide complete security to all data and comply with all the security requirements for all global zones. Apart from that, you also have the option to choose who sees what inside your Freshteam account, making it secure in a 360 direction.

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They love us, you will too.

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