What is an Employee Selection Tool?

An Employee Selection Tool (Employee Selection Tool), as the name suggests, is a tool that helps you find the right employee for your company. HR Professionals use this tool to collect and maintain candidate information, shortlist them, and finally find the right fit for their company.

freshteam employee selection software freshteam employee selection software

What are the key features of a good Employee Selection tool? 

The market offers you a lot of choices in an Employee Selection Tool. However, before you break your head trying to find the right tool for your company, read this to know which are some of the best and most important features you need in your Employee Selection Software. 

One of the most important features you need in your Employee Selection Tool is storing and viewing candidate information, all in one place.  Since your team would need to look up additional details about candidates often,  the last thing you want to do is switch between multiple sources to find them. 

The Employee Selection Tool you choose should ideally offer you a 360-degree view of each candidate, including their experience, qualifications, other panel members’ feedback, and enable a smooth employee selection process

Another important feature your Employee Selection tool should have is an active talent pool. Sometimes, we meet great candidates who may not be a match for any current job openings, but they might be a great fit for a position that might open up at a later stage. Archive them to the talent pool and match them with a particular role or function. Later, when you open up the role, your Employee Selection Tool will automatically suggest looking for this candidate from the talent pool. We add your potential star employee to the queue.

Employee Selection Tool is nothing if it does not have the right integrations. These range from video interviews to assessment tools. You must consider the availability of job boards as another major integration before buying your Employee Selection Tool. Ensure that the employee selection tool you choose integrates with some of the major job boards such as LinkedIn and Indeed to find great candidates. 

A well-built career site helps your candidates know about your company/ brand and also lists all opportunities available at your company. But, to be honest, waiting for your IT team and following up often is not very ideal. So, be wise and go for an employee selection tool that gives you a free career site on setting up. All jobs you post will automatically be added to your career portal, making it easy for candidates to apply and for recruiters to follow up. 

Finding the right employee means a lot of interviews and a lot of feedback. It basically means involving many people. Do you mail back and forth after each interview and each feedback session? Is that how you zero in on a star employee?


Ideally, be able to collaborate with your team easily using a seamless process to attract the right candidates in a brief span of time. And what better choice than an Employee Selection Tool to collaborate with your panel?  You can use it to view all candidate information,  submit interview feedback, and add private and public comments from the candidate profile itself. So, when you are shopping for an Employee Selection Tool, don’t forget to look out for this feature. 

If you cannot do it on the go, then you are not moving with the times. Find an Employee Selection tool with a mobile app so that your interviewers and panel members can be in the know no matter where they are. It also lets them submit feedback quickly and respond to questions swiftly. 

When to go for an Employee Selection tool?

Do you want to hire the best candidates and make them your best employees? Then you need an Employee Selection Tool. While an employee selection tool helps you attract the best candidates, not all companies can afford one for different reasons. Or, they may not know exactly how beneficial this tool can be. Here are a few questions you can ask yourself before deciding to go for an Employee Selection Tool: 

If you answered ‘Yes’ to most of the questions above, it means you need to invest in an Employee Selection Tool. If you answered  ‘No’ to most of the questions, then maybe you can wait for a few more months or years and come back here.

Why is the Freshteam Employee Selection Tool the best in the market? 

Freshteam Employee Selection Tool is easily the best option for growing businesses. It comes packed with features and integrations and is priced so reasonably that you will not look for other options once you go through the list below.

Candidate 360 

Freshteam Candidate 360 is where you can find end-to-end information on each candidate. Each candidate gets a 360-degree profile with their resume and social handles, interviewer comments, emails, and other related files. 

You can also move the candidates to other stages or schedule an interview from their profile itself, making it the only place you have to go for any action you want to perform. 

360 1 360 1

Talent Pool

Freshteam Talent pool is your repository of all the best talent you have come across. When you post a new job, based on the keyword you have used to archive a candidate, Freshteam will automatically show a list of profiles matching the role. You can add them to that particular role and reach out to them. This helps reduce sourcing time and closes requisitions faster.

talent pool scr talent pool scr


Freshteam integrates with Zoom, Google Meet, HackerRank, Codility, LinkedIn, Indeed, Facebook Jobs, and many more such platforms that make working together seamlessly towards one goal a cakewalk. 

With close to 15 integrations across fields, Freshteam makes it easy and hassle-free for you to navigate through your hiring process.

screenshot 2021 04 29 at 7 37 47 pm screenshot 2021 04 29 at 7 37 47 pm

Career Site

Once you sign up for Freshteam, you have a live career site. It does not even take five minutes to launch your career site. You can customize it to match your brand with little coding knowledge, making this feature one of the best we have to offer. 

All your jobs get posted automatically on the career site. You can also customize the job application form and let candidates fill it in from the site itself,  providing a rich candidate experience. 

career site career site


With Freshteam, communication among interviewers, recruiters, panel members, and hiring managers can take place within a particular job posting. They can leave comments, view the emails sent, check the stage of the hiring process, and more - all using a single tool.

The users can add private comments, thus making the collaboration safer, faster, and secure. 

360 3 360 3

Mobile App

To top it all off, we have a mobile app with all the features you get in the web app. It is basically a pocket-sized version of greatness and would be your magic tool to ace employee selection.

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