What can an Employee Self Service Software do?

Employee Self Service is giving your employees the opportunity to provide, edit and manage their information in your Employee Database portal, like Freshteam. With this feature, you eliminate a variety of errors and problems in the life of your employees and HR folks. 

The employee can provide their own information, reducing dependency on an HR to update their profile. HR’s also do not have to go behind employees for every small detail. Errors are less likely to occur when an employee fills his own information as opposed to one HR filling endless forms. Freshteam is an Employee Self-Service software that comes with a lot of smart features.

Smart features of Freshteam.

Powerful Employee Search

Just type in anything about an employee in the search bar, employee ID, designation, first name, just anything and Freshteam will fetch them for you.

Free for up to 50 employees

Freshteam comes with a 21-day free trial. The product is forever free for companies with equal to or less than 50 employees.

Mobile App

The Freshteam mobile app enables your employees to find information about their colleagues even when they are on the go.

Why Freshteam is your Employee Self Service Software?

Personal Profiles.

Every employee you add to your organization and your employee portal gets a unique profile and Freshteam account for themselves where they can fill their information, update profile picture for people to find them easily, apply time-off, find other employees, take up different roles like Recruiter, Manager or Panel Member and so on.

Setup Fields and Permissions.

As part of the employee self-service setup, you can set up the fields you want to be visible and editable for your employees. You can also set up permissions in such a way that only the employee’s HR Partner or Manager can view or edit the information. You get the best of both worlds, information from employees but with privacy as you wish.

Self- Service 

Once they have a profile, they can fill in all the information that is granted access to them by their HR Partner. Your employees can provide information starting from basic ones such as Name, Date of Birth to details such as Previous Employments, Educational History, Dependent Information, Emergency Contact, and Social Profiles links in simple steps.

Other features of Freshteam.

Applicant Tracking System

Freshteam ATS, the powerful recruiting tool that you get with your Employee Self Service software for no extra cost, will change your recruiting game to unimaginable levels. With smart automation and integrations, hiring a great talent will become your only folks, leaving all mundane tasks to us.

Timeoff Management

You also get Timeoff Management in Freshteam, which again lets your employees to manage their time-off on their own. It enables your managers to approve time-off view team trends and also plan accordingly.


The Onboarding and Offboarding modules of Freshteam complete your employee’s life cycle with Freshteam as a full circle. From enabling proactive onboarding to creating the most seamless exit, Freshteam takes care of it all.

They love us, you will too.

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