Freshteam Features Free HRIS

What is a Free HRIS Software?


A Free HRIS Software is a free Human Resources Information System that can help you store, manage, and maintain your employee information. It makes the life of HR professionals easier by being the right tool to use for employee information management. 

Freshteam's free HRIS software Freshteam's free HRIS software

Why a small business needs free HRIS software?

You might think that small, growing businesses need not invest in tools or systems to run their business. If you're nodding your head yes, we beg to differ here. It is always good to start a good habit right from an early stage.  One such good habit all small businesses need to start off with is using smart tools to perform repetitive tasks. Believe us, this one habit can completely transform the way your business operates! These tools can increase your company's productivity, growth and overall employee experience and get your company off the hook - literally. 

This is precisely why small businesses need to start off by using an HRIS as well. With the right HRIS in place, the habit of providing a good employee experience becomes a part of the culture and when started early on, sticks. Wait. We hear you. A typical small business runs on a constrained budget which means using paid tools might not be an option. This is why you should carefully research and figure out the best free HRIS software to use.


A free HRIS tool can not only prevent a hole in your pocket but can also help: 

Sounds like a lot of good things to see in action, doesn't it? But how to find the best free HRIS tool that truly offers you all this? There are a bunch of free tools available in the market. However, zeroing in on that one right (free) tool with the maximum features is a big mystery to solve! 


Well, you are lucky, because without breaking your heads searching for one, we present to you the apt fit - Freshteam.

What Freshteam's free HRIS software offers

Personal Profiles

Freshteam's free HRIS software gives each of your employees a personal profile where you can store, manage, and maintain all their information. This makes the whole interface less cluttered and error-free for your HR personnel.

Free HRIS Software | Personal Profiles | Freshteam Free HRIS Software | Personal Profiles | Freshteam

Self Service

Freshteam enables your employees to self-serve and make themselves independent. Employees submitting their information to HR and then HR filling them into the profiles is obviously a redundant process. Freshteam's free HRIS can help HR create custom fields that they want employees to fill with information that will automatically get added to the employee’s profile. 

Free HRIS Software | Employee Self Service | Freshteam Free HRIS Software | Employee Self Service | Freshteam

Document Management

Freshteam's free HRIS helps HR teams collect and store umpteen documents related to employee information. The best part is. you need not worry about storage or the danger of losing chunks of information. With 20+ pre-defined fields that you can drag and drop to be a part of your employee record, collecting information from your employees becomes as easy as a walk in your favorite park! 

Free HRIS Software | Document Management | Freshteam Free HRIS Software | Document Management | Freshteam


With great power comes great responsibility, and we know the HR team is accountable for employee information security. Freshteam comes with added layers of security wherein an HR can decide who can access the employee information - be it the reporting manager or the employee, or anyone in the organization. Information cannot reach the wrong person, ever!

Free HRIS Software | Security | Freshteam Free HRIS Software | Security | Freshteam

Org Charts

Freshteam Free HRIS also comes with inbuilt Org Charts, which picks employee information and creates org charts for your company on its own. All you need to do is fill out the reporting managers and voila! Your beautiful, smart Org Chart is ready to view. 

Free HRIS Software | Org Charts | Freshteam Free HRIS Software | Org Charts | Freshteam

Reports and Analytics

Freshteam has a powerful analytics dashboard and generates reports with careful precision. Employee turnover rates, new hire conversion rates, diversity analysis, analysis based on location, department, and teams, are all available at your fingertips! 

You can explore more about Freshteam Reports here. 

Free HRIS Software | Reports and Analytics | Freshteam Free HRIS Software | Reports and Analytics | Freshteam

Other features offered by Freshteam's free HRIS

Recruitment Software

As a growing business, scale fast with Freshteam. From interview scorecards, and talent pool, to candidate 360, Freshteam's recruitment software empowers you.


Wow your employees with proactive and personal onboarding using Freshteam’s welcome kits, e-signature, checklists, and more. 

Time-off Management

Manage all employee time-off, design policies, set-up approval workflows, and give an excellent employee experience with Freshteam’s Time-off Management.

They love us, you will too.