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Onboarding Software helps in the successful induction of new hires into a company where they feel welcomed and valued. Free onboarding software is a tool you can use as open-source software without paying to solve your onboarding problems. 

Organizations can use onboarding software to help them stay connected with the new hires —, to send documents, reading materials, welcome kits, and more. It takes away all the mundane paperwork and gives time to prepare for a better and unforgettable Day 1 for the new hires. 

When to Choose a Free Software?

Finding free Onboarding Software with killer features is rare. Onboarding is a huge step in the life cycle of an employee in a company and getting it right is very crucial in providing a great employee experience.

So, when there are free ones available, you grab them. But do you need one? 

You need free onboarding software if:

What features to expect in Free Onboarding Software?

One thing that we need to be clear about is that Free Software will definitely not have all the extensive features one might need for Onboarding. However, like mentioned in the above section, if you are a small organization that is giving this idea a spin, you can find the right free software with a few basic features, which will go a long way in making Onboarding better. Some of these features are: 


1. Checklists 

Onboarding involves a lot of tasks to be performed by different people from various departments. The IT team has to issue credentials, provide them with the right equipment with the necessary software/tools, and access rights. The HR team has to include the employee details in the system and ensure everything is set in motion. The new hire's team and their manager should be ready to welcome them and help them understand their goals at the individual and group levels.

Having a tool where you can list all these different tasks as checklists and assigning them to the concerned folks is a must-have feature to get onboarding right.

2. Welcome Kit 

When someone joins a company, they have a bunch of documents to go through, sign besides reading materials to familiarize themselves with the company. Most companies make new hires do this on Day 1, which makes it the dullest day of work. Welcome Kits are a digital way of sending all these documents to the new hire before they join the company. A tool that comes with this option is a must-have. 

3. Electronic Signature

If you truly want to give your new hires an amazing Day 1, don't send them running to find the HR department where they have to wait forever to sign a few documents. Get a tool with the E-Sign facility, which makes it easy peasy for all the stakeholders, including the new hire to digitally sign the documents and submit them in no time.  

4. Integrations

Another solution that can solve multiple problems is if your free software comes with handy integrations. With remote working, you might not onboard your new hires in person. A free onboarding software with in-built video conferencing features will be super helpful in this case. If it is integrated with your calendar and other simple productivity tools, it can solve a ton of simple challenges for you and your new hire. 

But where to find this free software that has such amazing features as well? Don’t go on a treasure hunt just yet.

The answer to that is right here - Freshteam. 

What does Freshteam's Free plan offer?

Freshteam is an exceptionally useful free onboarding tool that comes loaded with features that will make your onboarding experience stand out. Our free plan comes with a 21-day trial during which you can use all its features to their full extent and then choose the ones you most need. 

Let’s dive in and see what Freshteam offers:


Create elaborate Checklists

Freshteam’s checklists let you add all the important tasks you need to assign to anyone in the company for successful onboarding. It lets you easily map the tasks to stakeholders and also sends out reminders to them to complete them on time. 

Bonus: You can attach documents.

Best free onboarding software - Checklists


Automates your Onboarding

When a candidate accepts your offer, Freshteam automatically adds them to the New Hire Onboarding Pipeline. It is so smart that based on the role and department, it even suggests the right welcome kit to be sent to the candidate. Once all the steps are completed, it automatically adds the new hire as an employee, capturing all their information in the employee database.

Best free onboarding software - Onboarding


Smart Welcome Kits

Freshteam lets you create multiple welcome kits with dynamic and static documents that you can customize based on the department and the role, which you can later send to your new hires. Welcome kits can include documents, letters, and more. 

Best free onboarding software - Welcome kit


Save paper, save time.

With Freshteam’s E-signature feature, you not only save not the precious time of your new hire and employees, but you also save the earth. Going for paperless onboarding makes it easier and provides a better experience. Freshteam lets you do just that.

Best free onboarding software - e-signature


Not just an Onboarding Software

Freshteam’s free Onboarding tool is not limited to the above benefits but it comes with recruitment, Timeoff Management, and Employee Information Management features, which means posting jobs to sourcing candidates to managing them after they are hired - can all be done from one place.

Best free onboarding software and more


Connect with Apps you love

Freshteam comes with native integrations to a bunch of useful tools like Zoom, Google Meet, Google Calendar, Hackerrank, etc. It also has an Open API that lets you connect it with any system or tool you want, in no time. 

Best free onboarding software - Calendar integration

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