Why Holiday Management?

You are a small company, a medium company or a large company, anything it is, you have time off management and holidays throughout the year. Paid time off and holidays are different. Holidays are government-approved days that an organization provides for its employees as a day off from work for a particular reason, like Christmas or Thanksgiving or Labor Day. 

If you are an organization with a few employees functioning from a particular geography, comply with the holidays of that region and provide it to your employees. If spread across geographies, then you will comply accordingly. All this can be difficult to create, manage and keep track of which is why you need Freshteam.

The Holiday Management Software that comes with unique takeaways,

Easy Email Sync

You and your employees can all sync their work email to Freshteam to be updated with all activities.

No more spreadsheets

With Freshteam as your HR software, sheets would get a bye-bye and you will be introduced to a life of ease and comfort at work.

Mobile App

You get all features of Freshteam for the go as well with our iOS and Android Mobile app that comes with a single click log-in.

Freshteam for you Holiday Management

Create Multiple Holiday Calendars.

Have different teams in different geographical locations? Have customers from different countries and employees who work their customers shift? You need multiple holiday calendars to sync with the yearly calendar of the particular country to make sure your employees get what they deserve. You can do so with Freshteam. 

Bonus: You can also choose one primary calendar for your main office, making it easy for you to map employees.

Create Optional Holidays.

Not all days considered for public holidays can be part of your holiday calendar for many legal and economic purposes. What one employee celebrates, other may not, and they might need off for a day of their own worship or practice. Therefore, you allocate some days of public consideration as optional, which the employee can avail based on his/her requirement.

15+ Free Holiday Calendar templates.

The best part about having Freshteam as your holiday management software is that you don’t have to do anything to set it up. From India to Vietnam, from the USA to Brazil, we have 19 countries holiday calendars as a free template that you can use instantly. 

Bonus: You can also add custom holidays to your templates.

Team Calendar

Check the availability of all your Team Members from one place. Get to know who is in and out and why they are off all from one place. This will help you and your employees plan the day accordingly. 

Other Features of Freshteam

Applicant Tracking System

Great talents require a great recruitment process. Freshteam ATS gives you the opportunity to have a great recruitment process with its automated workflows, talent pool, and candidate management.


Give your new hires an exceptional experience before Day 1 and after using Freshteam’s intelligent Onboarding.

Human Resources Information System

Collect employee information, store them smartly, create organizational charts and help your employees find their colleagues' information easily. 

They love us, you will too.

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